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The secret to finding the right phone

27 Jan 2016
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amaysim's content guy

Trying to find the right mobile phone can pretty full on. So where do you start?

Between getting your head around all the new phones on the market, which features you want and how much you’re looking to spend you can find yourself down the new phone rabbit-hole for hours.

What’s your budget?

The first step to finding a new phone is to know how much you’d like to spend. If you’re undecided on whether to buy your next phone outright or on a plan take a moment to look at your overall financial situation. Do you foresee yourself travelling soon? Changing jobs? Or starting an expensive project in the near future? All of these factors might make committing to frequent payments difficult.

For me buying a phone outright stung at first, but you’re then free to upscale or downscale your phone plan on your own terms. By paring a phone I’d bought outright with a SIM-only mobile plan with no lock-in contract, I’ve got the option to pause my phone plan when I’m traveling or up my data inclusions at times when I need it.

Features: wants vs needs

Once you know what you can afford you can really start searching for the best phone. Consider how you use your current phone – does it do everything you need it to? Where does it fall short?

I use my phone a lot for work so I need a handset with a big screen for reading emails. Unfortunately, I am cursed with tiny hands so a phone with a huge screen can get too big to manage. I’m like the Goldilocks of phones, I’m after something big, but not too big.

Head to a store to check out your short-listed phones. It really makes a difference to hold them, put them in your pocket, walk out of the store ... okay maybe not that last one but making sure your new phone fits with your lifestyle is crucial.

Operating system

While most handsets are getting more and more similar, their operating systems couldn’t be more different. Consider what you’re currently using – do you like it? And do you have the patience to learn from scratch again? If you do then operating system shouldn’t impact you too much.

Determining which phone to buy is a massive decision. Arm yourself with the facts, look at your budget and pair it up with the best phone plan for your lifestyle.


Tipo - amaysim's content guy