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The ins and outs of mobile phone recycling

22 Apr 2016
Mariah - amaysim blogger


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Recycling your phone is important because if they end up in the rubbish, they’ll go into landfill- and the best thing about recycling your old mobile phone is just how easy it is.

Pop quiz: how many phones have you had so far and where are they all? For a lot of us, that answer would be “a few” and “in that draw full of kind-of-important junk”. I’m sure the more generous amongst us have passed on their phones to younger siblings or hopeless friends who always manage to smash a screen or lose their phone. Good on you.

Another cool alternative to leaving you phone to gather dust is to consider recycling it. Interested? Find out more below.

Mobile recycling is good for the planet

Did you know that there are now more old phones lying around Australia than the entire national population? Think about that for a second. New figures released by Mobile Muster, the people behind the Oz industry’s official recycling scheme, say the number of old mobiles cluttering up Australian homes has hit 25.5 million. That’s a lot of phones.

With that being said, we have a pretty good track-record. The number of people in Australia who throw their mobiles away is reducing and is currently at 2%. And the number of people who recycle their old mobile has grown over the past decade, currently at about 12%.

With Earth Day 2106 happening around the world on April 22, now is a great time to focus on e-waste and mobile phone recycling. It’s just one way we can better care for the environment, not just for one day, but all year round.

Why we should we recycle our mobiles?

Recycling your phone is important because if they end up in the rubbish, they’ll go into landfill. That sucks for the environment as they’re not biodegradable, so they won’t break down. On the other hand, 90% of the materials used in a mobile can be recycled to make new products. This saves energy, helps protect the environment, and conserves our scarce natural resources too.

The good folks at Mobile Muster are committed to keeping our phones out of landfill. When it gets down to it, what they do is break down every mobile into different components: batteries, plastics, circuits, and accessories such as power supplies.

From these components, they’re able to extract materials for re-use including precious metals, copper, and plastics. As well as lessening the global impact of mining for more of these resources, entirely new items can be made from these extracted elements. That includes stuff like stainless steel appliances, plastic fence posts, and new batteries. Pretty cool huh?

How do you recycle your mobile?

The best thing about recycling your old mobile phone is how easy it is. You can do your bit for the planet simply by dropping off your mobile and accessories to an official collection spot – and the good news is – there are heaps of them!

To find one near you, just pop in your postcode at the MobileMuster ‘recycle a mobile’ page. You can either drop your phone off or pick up a free reply paid satchel that you can post back to MobileMuster.

You can take the initiative at work too. Here at amaysim HQ, in addition to the roaming llama and 90-foot waterslide, we actually have a mobile phone recycling box in the office to keep the issue top of mind. Feel free to adopt this idea and pass it off as your own – we won’t tell.

Happy recycling!


Mariah – amaysim's content gal