Never let lag keep you from capturing the enemy. And never let glitch stop your team from scoring the final 3-pointer.

If you’re sick and tired of slow internet ruining your Xbox marathon, the nbn is going to change the way you game forever.

Find out the five reasons we are calling this high speed broadband the next Lara Croft of the online world. That’s nbn FTW!

five reasons gamers will die (and come back to life) over the nbn

1. Multi-player gaming is totally a thing

Multi-player gaming is no longer limited to your couch – thank goodness for that! With the introduction of nbn, all that annoying lag you’ve been experiencing is a thing of the past (kind of like Pong). Enjoy seamless connection with players around the globe once and for all.

2. Host your own server like a boss

Want to become a god among mortals? We know you can’t turn down an offer this good. With the roll-out of nbn, setting up your own video game server is where it’s at! The fastest internet for gaming will put you in control and have you #winning in no time.

3. Multiple devices are a no-brainer

A human’s attention span sits just above a goldfish’s, so it’s no wonder multi-device gaming is all the rage. Get yourself sorted with the wonders of nbn, and you’ll be streaming, downloading and playing at high speeds without looking like a total noob.

4. Streaming content just got better

Whether you want to flaunt your mad skills for the world or prefer to take notes from the pros, live streaming is the hottest thing to hit the gaming sphere this decade. Get a crisp picture sans lag on Twitch with the incredible speeds of nbn.

5. Everything is faster

What do sailfish, cheetahs and a Japanese bullet train all have in common? You guessed it – they are fast as heck, just like the nbn. Once you’re hooked up, downloading games and content will happen faster than ever. Your console will now reflect your lightning fast reflexes, time to rejoice!

Video streaming (35%) and online games (22%) are the top applications broadband users want to use on faster internet

Dedicated gamers know that just being fast is not enough. So if gaming = life, come with us to uncover the best broadband plans on offer.

solve all your gaming woes with the superfast nbn

Do you dream of a more reliable connection? How about faster internet? Unlimited data while you’re smashing the controller?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, a fast nbn provider is here to save the day. Get your opposable thumbs prepped, because the perks of amaysim nbn are next level.

Whether you’re a Minecraft master or a Call of Duty connoisseur, our fastest nbn plan will fulfil all your gaming needs – and then some. With the speediest plan, you can expect an nbn upload speed of up to 40Mb per second and an nbn download speed of up to 100Mb per second (which is truly awesome). Oh … we almost forget the best part – no matter what nbn speed tier you choose, our plans come with unlimited nbn data.

Plus, being glued to your gaming system is inevitable with:

  • No lock-in contracts - we get it, commitment is hard
  • No hidden nasties or super villain - unlike Wario, what you see is what you get
  • Unlimited data - ditch the energy drinks and 2-minute noodles, unlimited nbn plans will give you all the fuel you need.

If the nbn hasn't reached your area yet, drop your details here. If it has, check out our awesome nbn plans.


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