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Flip phones are back

Holy smokes! The flip phone is back for 2017!

07 Mar 2017


amaysim's tech geek

Rumours are flying that Samsung will release a game-changing phone in 2017. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement made just yet, evidence is stacking up.

All signs are pointing to a foldable – yes you read that right – foldable mobile phone. Think of it as the modern day reincarnation of our noughties tech staple, the trusty flip phone.

Let’s take a look over some of the clues floating around to get an idea of the pros and cons that might come with a flipping and folding phone.

Five things we know so far

  1. Samsung applied for a patent to secure the idea for a foldable phone a few years back, so the power is somewhat in their hands.
  2. The code name they are using is ‘Foldable Valley’. Somewhat more formally, it is known as ‘Samsung X’.
  3. This new phone will be flexible in appearance and function. When it’s unfolded, it could work as a tablet with the option for a bigger screen which would be pretty damn cool. Opening the device would increase the screen space, making it perfect for watching movies and YouTube vids on the go, writing emails, or reading on the commute to and from work.
  4. We think it will be released in the not so distant future – 2017 or 2018 for sure.
  5. Archrival to Samsung, LG, has also suggested that they will make a move for this new phone frontier, so it might become a competitive space.

The perks

Why a foldable phone could be awesome:

  • You can stow it away in your handbag and pockets.
  • No worrying about the phone bending if you sit on it (Apple, we’re looking at you! #BendGate) or cracking the screen if you drop it.

The pitfalls

While innovation is exciting, it isn’t always easy. Here are some of things that could miss the mark with foldable phones:

  • We can expect it to be on the pricey side, especially at first.
  • With new technology, hiccups and teething problems are unavoidable – so you might feel like a guinea pig.
  • Samsung might have a tough sell ahead of them after Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Would you be first in the queue?

This last point may explain why a launch date hasn’t been set. Samsung have openly said they want to make sure it works in the way they imagined it, which can only be good thing. If we’re going to be treated to a game-changing device, we want it to also be worth the wait.

Flexibility is the future

You could argue that the days of the old flip phone have been and gone, dying with the uptake of smartphones, but there are some considerable pros. An extra expandable screen could give us way more everyday flexibility and eliminate some of the pet peeves we have now around durability and ease of use.

One thing’s for certain, if anything close to the rumours come to life the Samsung X will get a warm welcome from all those who suffer from cracked screens, bent phones and indecisiveness when deciding on a screen size to purchase or which device to use. It could also be super cool and revolutionise the way we think about mobile devices.

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