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The best mobile apps to prevent household feuds

The best mobile apps to prevent household feuds

04 Dec 2017
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Every household has its fair share of feuding. From fights about dirty dishes to battles over unpaid bills, it doesn’t take much for conflict to arise.

But while the occasional argument is nothing out of the ordinary, some homes are more hostile than others. Whether you live with your family or share with housemates, learning to get along isn’t always easy.

If your household is constantly at each other’s throats, these apps can help keep the peace.


Ah, money. Who hasn’t fought about it at some point? If your household descends into all-out war every time the rent’s due or a lightbulb needs replacing, try giving Splitwise a go. By keeping a running total of household expenses, Splitwise can tell you and your housemates exactly what needs to be paid and when.

From utilities to takeaway, you can use Splitwise to manage just about every kind of household cost. Adding an expense is easy – all you need to do is tap the group you want to share the expense with and the app will distribute the cost between every member of that group. The best thing about Splitwise is that you don’t have to cough up the cash right away – it gives you until the end of the month to pay off your share of debt.

Splitwise is available on iOS and Android


Sharing food can be a fraught business, especially when you have housemates whose appetites are larger than their wallets. To put an end to food-related conflict once and for all, OurGroceries is designed to share the responsibility of grocery shopping between housemates. Everyone can add items to the shopping list, and the total bill gets split fairly.

If you’re a little fussy when it comes to food, you can even add a picture of the item you need. It’s easy to see what’s been crossed off the list and what’s still left to buy, so everyone can pitch in and help out.

Get OurGroceries to avoid those hanger-induced arguments


Housework can be a drag at the best of times, let alone when the people you live with aren’t pulling their weight. If you’re sick of cleaning up after your housemates, Wunderlist can help hold them accountable.

This app allows users to share to-do lists and tick off tasks as they get done. No one likes cleaning the bathroom or hanging out laundry, but teamwork makes the dream work. By splitting chores between every member of your household, Wunderlist can ensure you all get to live in a clean (and peaceful) environment.

Start delegating with Wunderlist today

Sonos Speakers

Music can be a huge source of conflict in shared households. To stop fights breaking out over the volume of your favourite tunes, consider investing in a Sonos speaker system. Sonos speakers are known for their high-tech wireless features and superior sound quality. Designed to fill your entire home with music, they can be purchased in separate units and scattered around different rooms.

If one of your housemates thinks your taste in music sucks, you can simply zone off their end of the house from your sound system by accessing the Sonos app on your smartphone.

Start stocking up on Sonos speakers to avoid any more fights triggered by music


Struggling to keep track of what your household is up to? Cozi is designed to help housemates sync schedules. It uses colour-coded calendars to track activities and appointments, so you always know who’s doing what on any given day.

Perfect for families and large share houses, Cozi doesn’t just work with calendars. It can also help you share chores, shopping lists, recipes and invitations to events, keeping everyone in the loop.

Whip your household into shape with Cozi

Ready to make peace with your housemates? If your mobile doesn’t have enough room for all these apps, check out our tips on how to spring clean your mobile phone.