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The Top Apps to get Organised

The Top Apps to get Organised

27 Jan 2022


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The Top Apps to get Organised

The start of a new year is full of potential. A fresh start to make this year the best it can be. But there’s no way any of us are conquering 2022 without being organised.

If you feel like you need a bit more structure in your life, we know the best organisation apps to help you build those healthy organisational habits now.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to organising your life, but we’re confident that these organisation apps will help you (start to) build an organised life. Whether you’re already a pro, living that KonMarie lifestyle and looking for some new inspiration, or you’re just starting out and you want an app or two to guide you.

Let's go down the list!

Always busy in and find yourself forgetting important tasks? Well, not anymore. is the best organiser app that will reinvent the way you organise yourself. Do you need to take the rubbish out after work? Or maybe you need to attend a yoga class?

Either way, is designed to help you accomplish your tasks in the best way possible. It comes with a to-do list, reminders, and a notepad that will make it easy for you to record down everything you need to do.

And for those of us who hate typing things down and just want to dictate them, the voice feature means you can add to your to-do list by just speaking!

Available on iOS and Android


If you work, study, or learn from home at all, you know how important time management can be. Focus is a free time-management and organisation app that helps you make the most of your day.

When dealing with distractions (and there are plenty of them), think of the Focus app like an accountability partner. Just like the name suggests, the app helps you focus and accomplish the important tasks on your to-do list.

How? By helping you structure your day into 25-minute chunks. Are you a burst-worker who gets a lot done in a short period of time then takes a breather with a cup of coffee? Perfect! Schedule in that time. Feel like you’re more of a slow-and-steady kind of person? No worries, give yourself a few 25-minute sessions to complete a task before taking a break.

Available on iOS


Who amongst us hasn’t always wanted a dedicated assistant to help organise a hectic day? While Alexa and Siri can do the basics, 24me elevates your virtual assistant to another level.

Integrate the 24me app with your existing virtual assistant (whether you use Alexa, Siri, or Google) and achieve new levels of personal organisation. All your notes and calendar events sync across your devices, plus voice control makes dictating notes to your assistant easier than ever.

Whether you need to make an online payment or attend an event over the weekend, this app will serve as a reminder a day before so that you have sufficient time to get things done. Get it? 24me—24 hours before to get you ready!

Available on iOS and Android


It’s easy to find a great article that you want to read, but then something else comes up and you forget about it or close that tab and then poof! The article may as well be gone forever. Or maybe you do remember to leave the tab open, but then when you have time to read the article, you don’t have WiFi connection or you’re all out of data. While you can always look at a more generous data-only plan, you can also save those great articles to read later, offline, with Pocket.

Pocket is the perfect organisation app for keeping those must-read articles ready whenever you need them.

Available on iOS and Android

Just Press Record

The best organisation apps not only help you organise your life, but they make organisation easy. To use Just Press Record, you just press record.

The app records your voice and transcribes it into text. Then you can share your audio files or transcriptions if you need to send that email right now. Or you can organise them so that you can find that important note when you need it.

Available on iOS


For those that are pros when it comes to digital organisation but a little bit chaotic with physical documents, CamScanner is a life-saver.

The app turns your phone into a portable document scanner so that you can scan your paperwork, photos, receipts, and whatever else you need to convert to digital.

Better yet, CamScanner even lets you edit the text of the document you scan so that your digital version is up-to-date with any changes you need to make.

Available on iOS and Android

So now, you should be ready to take control of 2022 when it comes to personal organisation. Mix-and-match the organisational apps that work for you and make this year a little bit less chaotic.