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Very Murray Christmas

Netflix Australia Christmas Streaming Guide 2019

06 Dec 2019
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Christmas turkey won’t be the only thing we'll be binging this holiday season

Newsflash, we’ve officially entered the final weeks of the decade (HOLY MOLY).

While it’s surreal to think it’s been twenty frigging years since the new millennium struck. For now, let’s appreciate the fact we’ve arrived at the part of the year where binging wholesome Christmas content is 100 % acceptable.

I mean does it get better than tucking into a plate of Christmas leftovers and sipping on some Rosé while watching a classic Christmas banger?

Unlike yesteryear, instead of waiting for Christmas movies to pop-up on free-to-air TV over the holiday break, we’re now spoiled for choice, with Netflix boasting tons of Christmas content for us to sink our teeth into.

Not to mention their stacked lineup of new shows and movies that will continue arriving on the streaming platform throughout the rest of December.

With that said, we’re in our Christmas feels right now and without further ado, here are the best Christmas flicks to stream over the holiday period on Netflix Australia.

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Let It Snow

Let It Snow is a 2019 rom-com that gives us major Love Actually vibes. So much so, it’s been dubbed the modern-day, teen version of the 2003 cult classic.

Based off a 2008 anthology of young adult stories titled Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romance.The Netflix Original film keeps the same anthology structure and follows the interconnected stories of a group of teens who happen to find love at Christmas.

It's charming and a must-watch if you're yet to see it!

BoJack Horseman Christmas Special

A Christmas special of BoJack Horseman, which sees BoJack and Todd watch a Christmas episode of Horsin Around titled Sabrina's Christmas Wish, where Sabrina who upon discovering Santa's existence, decides to wish for her parents to be alive again.

I mean what more could you ask for?


An absolute Christmas classic, nothing more to say here.

A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas is a 2015 American Christmas musical comedy film that’s beautifully captured by Director Sofia Coppola and co-written by the man, myth and legend Bill Murray.

It’s a somewhat wacky experience, however at only one hour in length is well worth the watch if you’re either a Bill Murray fan or just looking some LOLs.

Miracle on 34th Street

A 90’s classic that’s a perfect play for the whole family.

The Christmas Chronicles

This big-budget Netflix Original starring Kurt Russell is a modern twist on 90’s favourite The Santa Clause.

A definite watch that’s once again, great for the entire family.


Klaus follows the story of a selfish postman who has to learn the hard way that money doesn’t grow on trees.

The self-entitled Jesper is banished to a remote Arctic town where he has to deliver 6000 letters or be disowned by his own father.

Voiced by Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Rashida Jones and Joan Cusack, Klaus has the look and feel of an old school animated movie and hits the mark in terms of delivering some serious Christmas feel-goods.

Arthur Christmas

This animated film is perfect for the whole family.

When Santa's gawky son Arthur (James McAvoy) learns that a technical glitch leads to a little girl's Christmas gift being misplaced, he sets out on a mission to deliver the present himself before it is too late.