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Subscription Energy

Why subscription energy plans are here to stay

10 Apr 2019
Lu-Wee - amaysim blogger


amaysim's product (and sports) guru

Let’s be real, when an energy bill drops into your inbox, it definitely falls into the category of those notifications you instantly swipe off the screen.

Before we get overly cynical, there’s no doubt bills are a fact of life, so why do energy bills seem to have an extra feeling of frustration attached to them?

Let’s quickly break it down…

For starters, there’s no clarity on what we pay for as consumers; albeit there’s an incredibly predictable pattern where you find yourself paying hefty bills at the back end of summer and winter #sigh.

If you’re sick and tired of uncertainty with your energy bill, the good news is there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

Subscription Energy

bringing energy out of the dark ages

The adoption of digital technology has revolutionised the way we consume content, products and services and anything less than a seamless customer experience simply doesn’t cut it.

It's common knowledge the energy industry in Australia has failed to keep up with the expectations of consumers, with an overall lack of innovation and customer-focused products, causing incredible frustration and confusion.

electricity that's just like your mobile plan

the perfect relationship

The subscription economy is not exactly a new concept - and for quite some time, many of us have had dozens of recurring payments for at least one, or a combination of news sites, music-streaming apps, video-streaming services, cloud storage, and of course, your mobile plan.

Subscription products are all about creating seamless experiences for consumers, naturally by the way subscription products are designed, they also help consumers plan ahead with budgeting.

The term bill-shock has been synonymous with the Australian energy industry for a long time. In fact, recent research shows around 55% of Aussies have experienced bill shock over the last year.

Additionally, the research found that nearly three-quarters of Australians (73%) don’t know how much their next electricity bill is going to be, making managing household budgets even more difficult.

Moral of the story, there hasn’t been a more appropriate time to introduce a step-change regarding the way we pay for the electricity in our homes.

Research conducted by PureProfile n > 1000 Australians

the new kid on the block

If you haven't caught on why we're preaching to the choir about subscription energy, we recently launched our very own subscription energy plans #HumbleBrag

Designed to help Australians avoid bill-shock, customers simply pick a plan size and will pay upfront each month, just like you do with Netflix, Spotify, or even your mobile plan.

Once up and running, customers will be given a set amount of kWh to use on a monthly basis. Any unused energy will simply roll over and be saved to your account.

During the months you require a bit of extra zap, you’ll automatically dip into your rolled-over energy savings. If you use up all your energy and do not have any saved energy, we’ll simply add an energy top-up to your account.

ready to say goodbye to bill-shock?