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How to recharge your amaysim account – some quick tips

10 Jan 2012
Chad - amaysim blogger


amaysim's compliance guy

There are a few ways you can recharge which are quicker than giving us a call or hitting us up on Live Chat.

A lot of the calls we get in our Customer Service Centre are from customers looking to add credit to their amaysim account, to purchase a data pack, activate their UNLIMITED mobile plan or just to set themselves up with plenty of credit on an AS YOU GO account.

There are a few ways you can recharge which are quicker than giving us a call, so to help save you some time I thought I’d point them out (you can also find them summarised on our recharge info page).


Log in at My amaysim and click on the recharge amount of your liking.

You need to have set up your amaysim account to credit card or direct debit in order to use this option.You can do this by logging into my amaysim and following the prompts.

On the flipside, you can also go online to redeem a recharge voucher bought from one of our thousands of retail partners.


If you have set up your amaysim account for credit card or direct debit payment, you can recharge by texting 568 with TOP and then the VALUE of the top up amount, eg ‘TOP 15’, or ‘TOP 20’, ‘TOP 30’.

If you’re using a retail voucher, simply send an SMS to 568 with VOU followed by a space and the voucher number on your receipt, e.g. ‘VOU 1234567890’.

amaysim app

If you’re an iPhone or Android user, check out the amaysim mobile app for iPhone and Android which lets you manage your amaysim account from the palm of your hand. Find out more about the app here.


Use Biller Code 7179 and your customer reference number which you can find in my amaysim to make a BPAY payment and add credit to your amaysim account. Just make sure you allow three business days for the payment to go through due to longer processing times.

Tired of recharging manually? Use direct debit

Why not set up your amaysim account for automated recharges so you can forget worrying about having enough credit? Log into my amaysim and register a credit card or direct debit access to your bank account. Choose the recharge amount and the trigger and say goodbye to running out of airtime credit. The credit card or direct debit account can also be used for paying for data packs or amaysim UNLIMITED.

The following tips can be followed to make changes to your data plan account and SIM card.

Check out our FAQs for full details on recharging, credit expiry and other helpful tips to make your amaysim experience even more enjoyable.

If there are questions you’d like included in our FAQs that you can’t find, let us know!

Chad – amaysim's compliance guy.