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text message shortcuts

amaysim text message shortcuts

04 Jun 2014
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We’ve pulled together a quick guide to help you stay in control of your amaysim service.

On Facebook, Alex P. suggested we create a list of all of the different self-service options available via text message. We reckon he’s on to something.

For these codes to work you’ll need to send the text messages from your amaysim mobile number, and have set up online payment to do things like switch plans and add credit or data.

Check your balance

To check your balance text BAL to 568 from your amaysim mobile number. We’ll respond with a text letting you know how much credit and data you've got left in your account, as well as when your credit or plan is due to expire.

Switch amaysim plans

Keen to try out a different amaysim plan than the one you’re on? If you're moving to a smaller plan, you'll be switched over when your current plan expires, but if you're upgrading then we'll move you over as soon as you request the change. Just remember that remaining credit and data won't rollover, so be sure to use it up before you make the switch to get the most value out of your old plan.

All you have to do is text the new plan to 568. Remember that our mobile plans last for 28 days and are set to automatically renew:

Add extra credit

If you’re on an UNLIMITED plan, there are some services that aren’t included in your payment. Having extra credit up your sleeve is a great way of making sure you can use these services if you need to.

You can add credit to your account by texting TOP and the credit amount to 568. For example, to add $10 worth of credit text TOP10; for $50 it’s TOP50 – too easy.

Add extra data

If you run out of the included data in your UNLIMITED or data-only plan, you'll be able to add a 1GB/$10 data-top up to your service at any point throughout your plan's 28 day period. The data top-up will be added to your plan’s pool of data and will expire at the same time as your plan.

If you've linked a payment method to your account, simply follow one of the below steps in order to add the data top-up to your account:

  • Text TOP1GB from your amaysim mobile number to 568;
  • Log in to the amaysim app and select your data top-up;
  • Or head to Manage plan in My amaysim and select your data top-up.

Turn off auto-renew

Heading overseas and don’t want your plan to auto-renew while you’re away? Just text STOP and the plan name to 568.

For example to stop your UNLIMITED 65GB plan from auto-renewing, text STOP UNL20. You’ll be able to continue using your plan until it expires, and we’ll then switch you over to AS YOU GO so you’ll only ever pay for what you use. To switch back to your old plan when you get back, just text the plan name to 568.

Do you have an account question you’d like us to tackle for you in an upcoming blog? Tell us in the comments below and it just might make it on to our blog.

Tipo - amaysim's content guy