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The hassle-free way of getting a mate to join amaysim

18 Jan 2016
Fel - amaysim blogger


amaysim's customer gal

Looking for a "Hoffer" you can’t refuse?

Refer a Friend to join amaysim and earn some extra dough in 2016. Even David Hoff (formerly Hasselhoff until he took the hassle out of his life) reckons you’ll be onto a winner with this one.

Get $10 for both you and a friend when they sign up to amaysim

Using your own personalised link (which you can find on our Refer a Friend page or in My amaysim), you and a mate will both get $10 amaysim credit when they first use their amaysim SIM card after signing up to one of our mobile plans.

With no limits on how many friends you can get to join amaysim, it’s the easy way of taking the load "Hoff" your wallet.

So "Hoff" you go – claim your personalised link and start referring!

Fel - amaysim's customer gal