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FOTO: 82% of Aussies suffer from a fear of throwing out

20 Nov 2017
Julian - amaysim blogger

Julian R

amaysim's PR guy

We all know what FOMO is (the fear of missing out), but what about FOTO? You’ve probably never heard of the Fear of Throwing Out, but you might just have it – in fact, 82% of Aussies do.*

It’s a feeling we’re all familiar with – the inability to get rid of something despite knowing we’ll never use it again. You know, the board you only ever surfed the net on, the pair of pants you bought and convinced yourself you’d one day fit in, or that darn inflatable flamingo/swan/pizza slice/pineapple you bought because it just looked so ~swish~ on someone else’s Instagram.

And despite the fact that we know we won’t use it again, we often can’t quite put our finger on why we find it so hard to throw out.

sound familiar? It should! Introducing FOTO

According to psychologist Dr Jessica Grisham, FOTO items don’t just impact our storage space – they’re also weighing us down mentally, and stopping us from embracing a happier life. In fact, 57% of Aussies feel guilty or frustrated by not being able to throw away things.

But why are we holding on to them? It differs from person to person, but it might be because the item reminds you of a happier time, you might have spent a small fortune on it, or you’re holding onto the hope that you’ll one day use it.

we want to help you face your FOTO

77% of people have confirmed that they felt happierafter they get rid of things they don’t need. So, what are you waiting for?

Break the habit, get rid of that thing that’s holding you down and embrace the now! Start with the most obvious item and work your way through your house.

but don’t stop there!

It’s not just the tangibles in your life that you can throw away. Think lock-in contracts, talk and text limits, and unused data…

Here at amaysim, we’re big believers in stripping life of its unnecessary complexities so Aussies are left with just what they need – like simple-to-understand and affordable mobile phone plans. In fact, that’s why we launched our small but mighty $10 phone plan – to give those who don’t need or want much data, or spend too much on their mobile plan, just what they need from their telco.

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* The research was conducted by Pureprofile in November 2017 on behalf of amaysim, surveying a nationally representative sample of 1, 238 respondents in Australia aged 18 and over.