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amaysim wins 2016 HRD award

amaysim wins 2016 HRD award

17 Jun 2016
Mark - amaysim blogger

Mark 1

amaysim's HR director

Recently amaysim was named as a winner in the Training & Development category in the 2016 Human Resource Director Employer of Choice Awards.

The awards aim to gain insights into Australia’s best companies across areas like engagement, career progression and employee wellbeing. One of the best things about this award is that votes are made by employees and the winners are decided based on their votes. This essentially means that we’ve been recognised by our staff for helping them upskill and progress in their careers.

amaysim’s approach to Training and Development can be summed up as Social Learning and we’ve got a few different ways we bring this to life for our staff including:

  • amaysim ideas
  • Brown bag sessions
  • Meet-up programs
  • Partnerships

amaysim Ideas

For these sessions we invite thought leaders from a range of industries and organisations to talk to our people about technologies they use, challenges they have faced and the future vision for their respective industries. We’ve had everyone from Atlassian and Facebook to Uber and Buzzfeed speak at our Friday arvo talk-fests.

Our amaysim Ideas team are always on the lookout for speakers, and have recently opened up the sessions to the Aussie Meetup community, so our people have the chance to network with like-minded folks in the Sydney area. If you’re interested in speaking or attending one of the events, let me know by commenting below. Like all good meet-ups, there’s usually beer and pizza (just saying).

Brown Bag Sessions

For these sessions our team present on a topic of their choice - it could be a project they’ve completed, something they’re passionate about or a summary for their department or the wider business of an industry event or conference they’ve attended. The team particularly likes hearing from their peers when they’ve jetted off to an international event like CES, Google Performance Summit or Call Centre Week.

Meet-up Program

Our program provides all staff with an opportunity to attend industry related meet-ups such as tech and thought leadership talks, panel discussion and Q&A sessions. Staff are not only encouraged, they’re remunerated for their pursuit of knowledge and additional skills (ninja skills are regarded highly around the amaysim HQ).


amaysim combines this approach with a more structured learning strategy, partnering with a range of technology and program vendors to ensure a robust continuous learning environment that is embedded into everyday life at amaysim.

In 2015 we took out the Bronze award in the 100-499 employee category so we’re stoked to hang another HRD award on our wall and see this win as a big feather in our cap.

I would like to personally thank HRD Magazine, my peers in the HR team and most importantly our amaysim people for this recognition. Victories like these gives us the inspiration to continue our work to make amaysim a “learning company.”

Mark - amaysim’s HR Director


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November Newsletter

Celebrating nine amazing years!

20 Nov 2019

We’re growing up, but we’re definitely not growing old.

Our ninth year has been filled with awesome achievements, and we couldn’t have done it without your amazing support!

nine years strong

It felt just like yesterday when we embarked on an ambitious journey to shake up the dinosaurs of the Australian telco industry, with our BYO mobile phone proposition and SIM-only plans.

Fast forward nine years and with over one million customers catching onto the amaysim wave, it’s crazy to think that the best is still yet to come.

Whether you’ve been with us since day dot (back when the iPhone 4 was the hottest phone in the market), or have recently joined the amaysim family, we can’t thank our loyal customers enough for their support over the years, as we clearly wouldn’t be here without you.

Amaysim Birthday Celebration Cookies
Image & Cookies Courtesy of Vickie Liu

still got our eyes on the prize

Between expanding our product offerings and enhancing the experience for our customers (be sure to check out the refreshed amaysim app), it's been an exciting year at amaysim HQ.

Not to mention we recently upped the data across our mobile plans, ensuring we keep our promise in offering Aussies greater choice when it comes to finding a great-value mobile plan that’s simple to use and won’t break the bank.

revitalised network agreement

As you all know, amaysim runs on the Optus 4G network, and mobile data is the fuel that allows our connected lives to exist. Data usage is only set to increase as we move into the future which is something we want to ensure is encapsulated in the type of mobile plans we offer.

amaysim and Optus have had a mutually beneficial partnership since we launched back in 2010 and in May we signed a revitalised network supply agreement (NSA) with Optus.

The updated agreement enables us to offer even greater products and services to our mobile customers, so keep your eyes peeled as we continue to expand our mobile plan offerings to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Canstar Blue Awards

we love customer recognition

There’s always been a focus at amaysim HQ of doing right by our customers, knowing good things will come and although awards aren’t everything, from time-to-time it’s nice to be acknowledged!

To cap off a great year, we struck gold at the 2019 Canstar Blue Awards, taking home the gong for the most satisfied customers in the prepaid SIM-only category - shining a light on the amazing value our mobile plans continue to provide hundreds of thousands of Aussies.

What made this win even more special is the fact the Canstar Blue Awards are based on direct feedback given to an independent research firm by customers.

On that note, a massive shout out to our customers who continually give us a vote of confidence through loyalty and support – we appreciate each and every one of you.

let’s keep it going

Nine years in, we can honestly say we've never been more excited for what the future holds and we’re more determined than ever to continue delivering amazing value to our customers across both mobile and energy.

Bring it on!