$225 first renewal only.

240GB/$300 ongoing. Offer ends 13 August 2024. T&Cs apply.

Plan inclusions

240GB data.

Optus 4G Plus network

Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB


Unlimited data banking

Roll over unused data on your next renewal so you don't lose what you don't use, for as long as you stay on your same plan.

Unlimited international

Stay in touch with family and friends around the world in 28 countries.

12 Month Renewal

Automatically renews for $300 every year - how this works

eSIM ready

Dial *#06# to quickly see if your phone is eSIM compatible.

If it is, a 32-digit EID number will display on your screen.

Exclusions - Premium services, international, and third party content - read more

All for use in Australia. Personal use only and not a broadband replacement. Terms & Fair Go Policy apply, refer to our Critical Information Summaries.

More interested in a 1 year mobile plan? Our range of mobile phone plans and data only plans include loads of options to suit your needs.

How our plans work

All our sim-only plans are Prepaid, meaning you'll always pay/recharge for your chosen plan upfront.

This is seamless process if you link a payment method (such as a credit/debit card or PayPal) to your account, as this allows your plan to automatically recharge at the end of each plan period.

How prepaid works

As long as the mobile you're planning to use is unlocked and compatible with either 3G or 4G, you should be good to go.

amaysim caters to all device types by offering Standard, Micro and Nano SIMs. If you purchase your SIM card online, you'll receive a 3-in-1 SIM so you can punch out the Standard, Micro or Nano SIM your device requires.

Embedded SIM (eSIM) is now available for new amaysim mobile services, check to see if you have a compatible device.

If you run out of data you can renew your plan early or add more data at $10/1GB

Yes you can. While international roaming can be easy and convenient, it can also be expensive. We recommend you grab a local SIM to get the best value, but if you prefer to enable roaming, check our roaming rates.

You sure can. amaysim customers stay because they want to, not because they have to.

If you're transferring your amaysim number to a different Aussie telco, simply contact them to arrange the transfer. Your new provider will then touch base with us to organise the transfer and cancellation of your amaysim service.

If you're not transferring your amaysim number, just contact us on Live Chat (or via email if out of hours). Just a heads up that you would lose your amaysim mobile number, along with any unused amaysim credit and/or data and any saved voicemails. If you want to use amaysim again in the future, you'd simply need to buy a new SIM.