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Offer ends 31 Dec

$10 starter pack

Use your $10 starter pack to sign up to a $10 UNLIMITED 2GB plan or get $10 credit to pay as you go.

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$10 UNLIMITED 2GB plan

2GB data

Optus 4G Plus network

Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB

Unlimited talk & text

Standard calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles & landlines

Calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail

Renews every 28 days

Automatically renews for $10 every 28 days - how this works

Exclusions - Premium services, international, and third party content - Read more.

All for use in Australia. Offer ends 31 Dec 2020 and while stocks last. Activations after 31 Dec 2020 get 1GB/28 days. Cannot be used as a replacement SIM. Personal use only. 4G coverage available in selected areas with a compatible device and plan. Terms & Fair Go Policy apply, refer to our Critical Information Summaries. Excess data is $10/1GB. Valid from 1 Nov - 31 Dec 2020.

$10 credit to pay as you go

Pay as you go rates

15c/min standard talk
15c/standard SMS
49c/standard MMS
7.2c/MB data
Credit lasts for 365 days.

All for use in Australia. Personal use only.
Terms & Fair Go policy apply, refer to our Critical Information Summaries.

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How do starter packs work?
  • You can pick up a starter pack at any of our following major retailers: Coles, Woolworths, 7-Eleven, Big W, Target and The Reject Shop
  • Go online to choose and activate your plan
  • Keep your number or pick a new one
Transferring your number to amaysim

Transferring your mobile number is quick, easy and all online. All you need are your account details with your current Aussie telco - you don't have to cancel your plan with them, all you have to do is kick off the transfer with us. And there's absolutely no paperwork and no downtime.

How to BYO number

What happens if I run out of data?

If you run out of data and you're on a prepaid plan, you'll be switched to our casual data rate of 7.2c/MB (you'll only be charged this rate if you have additional credit available in your account). You can also add a 1GB data top-up for $10/1GB.

If you run out of data and you're on a postpaid plan, a 1GB data top-up $10, lasts for 28 days) will be automatically added to your account. You'll find any additional data charges on your next bill.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You sure can. amaysim customers stay because they want to, not because they have to.

If you're transferring your amaysim number to a different Aussie telco, simply contact them to arrange the transfer. Your new provider will then touch base with us to organise the transfer and cancellation of your amaysim service.

If you're not transferring your amaysim number, just contact us on Live Chat (or via email if out of hours). Just a heads up that you would lose your amaysim mobile number, along with any unused amaysim credit and/or data and any saved voicemails. If you want to use amaysim again in the future, you'd simply need to buy a new SIM.