Our top tips for surviving mover's season

Our top tips for surviving mover's season

05 Dec 2017

Aussies are fairly mobile these days – according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 43% of us have moved at least once in the last 5 years. You’d think we would have gotten the hang of changing addresses by now, but moving can still push people to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

If you’re thinking of relocating all your worldly possessions this winter, these tips will help you escape mover’s season unscathed.

43% of Aussies have moved at least once during the last five years

choose your home wisely

Having trouble finding a new abode? The property market can get pretty competitive during mover's season, and you might have to hustle to secure a good deal. Even if you’re sick of your current living situation, don’t be tempted to move without knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

If you think you may have found the right place, make sure it’s the real deal by keeping an eye out for these key features.

location, location, location

Never mind fancy fixtures and fresh paint jobs – your new home’s location is its most important feature. From schools to public transport, make sure all the services and facilities you need are close by.

quality is key

Imagine moving house only to find your new place is infested with termites a few months later. Instead of trying to decide for yourself whether your new property is up to scratch, get a professional property inspector to do it for you.

energy efficiency

If large power bills are holding you back, keep an eye out for energy-efficient features during house inspections, such as solar panels and smart air-conditioners.

If the property you’ve got in mind ticks all the right boxes, you can start preparing for the big move.

pack like a pro

Packing up your house can be a daunting task, especially if it’s filled with fragile valuables. To avoid damaging your prized possessions, the following tips will turn you into a lean, mean packing machine:

  • Pack an overnight bag with your essentials
  • Save on bubble wrap by padding your glassware with clean socks
  • Label your boxes clearly
  • Pack china plates vertically instead of horizontally to prevent breakage
  • Stash smaller items in clear plastic sandwich bags

If you can’t face the thought of tackling such a mammoth task by yourself, simply bring in a professional removalist to give you a helping hand.

organise essential services

Don’t let the excitement of getting the keys to your dream home distract you from the more mundane aspects of moving. Before you can start enjoying your new digs, you’ll need to access the following essential services:

  • Electricity and gas – Lighting your home with candles might be romantic, but the novelty is sure to wear off quickly (not to mention the potential fire hazard). To avoid getting left in the dark, transfer your electricity and gas over to your new address prior to the big move
  • Water – Unlike most utilities, water should always be turned on at your property. Just to be on the safe side, double check the water supply situation with your real estate agent or the property’s previous owner
  • Internet – Wi-Fi makes a house a home. Getting your new place hooked up to the internet as quickly as possible is the key to minimising the stress of moving

Staying ahead of the game by organising these logistics before moving house can save you a ton of stress. Think you’re ready to tackle moving season?

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