Netflix and Stan have once again delivered the streaming goods this month. If you haven’t had a chance to put together your October watch-list, this highlights reel is just what you need.

From the highly anticipated sequel to everyone's favourite true crime drama, Making a Murderer returns to Netflix on October 19 (clear your diary!).

Netflix have also rebooted the popular teen series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, however the reboot seems to much, much darker.

Chris O’Dowd (our favourite loveable Irishman), continues to grace our screens in Stans Get Shorty - a wickedly funny crime comedy. While last but not least - the gang is back for season 2 of the Will & Grace reboot - so strap yourselves in for some serious streaming this month.

Check out our full list of favourites below:


  • October 1 - Michael Jackson’s This Is It
  • October 5: Big Mouth: Season 2
  • October 5 - Casino
  • October 10 - 22 July
  • October 11: The Hangover: Part II
  • October 11: Riverdale season 3
  • October 17: American Gangster
  • October 19 - Making a Murderer: Part 2
  • October 19 - Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 3
  • October 19: Wanderlust
  • October 22: Arrival
  • October 25: The Intern
  • October 25: The Letdown: Season 1
  • October 26: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


  • October 1 - Get Shorty season 2 continues
  • October 1 - America to Me continues
  • October 5 - Will & Grace season 2
  • October 5 - Insomnia
  • October 7: Kidding
  • October 9: Better Call Saul season 4 finale
  • October 10: Frida
  • October 12: The Flash: Season 4
  • October 15: The Da Vinci Code
  • October 15: My Best Friend’s Wedding
  • October 19: The Wrong Girl Season 2
  • October 21: I, Tonya
  • October 26: Damned: Season 1 & 2

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