How to survive winter in Australia like a pro

11 Jun 2019

"Does it even snow in Oz?"
"Mate, does Australia even get cold?"
"Wait until you experience winter in London bruv"

There’s a popular misconception amongst many foreigners that winter in Australia doesn’t really exist.

Yes, it does snow and YES it does get bloody cold.

Not to mention half of our buildings are designed to keep cool, meaning homes start to feel like brick freezers during the heart of winter.

Whether it’s your first time experiencing winter down under, or you're simply looking for some fresh tips on how to survive the winter grind - we’ve put together this winter survival guide, so you can say adieu to the winter blues.

Sitchu Yoga
Image Courtesy of Sitchu

keep on moving

This one’s a no brainer, but it’s clearly worth calling out.

Exercise is hands down the best way to fight off the winter blues.

Yes, it can be tough climbing out of bed for early morning activities, but trust us - the benefit of getting your sweat on throughout the winter quarter is priceless. Make sure your mobile plan is topped up with data so you can listen to your favourite Spotify tunes during your run.

If you’re not brave enough to endure the great outdoors, there are regular favourites such as the gym, yoga or alternatively, why not try out an indoor sport to get the endorphins running.

Winter Survival Guide

embrace the cold: take a snow trip

Sometimes there’s no use fighting it - it’s going to be bloody cold for a couple of months. So why not embrace it?

One of the most underrated aspects of Australia is that snow is never too far away.

Thredbo and Perisher are both around 5-6 hour drives from Sydney and Melbourne respectively and let's not forget about our Kiwi bros across the ditch and their beautiful array of snow-capped mountains.

You can fly direct to Queenstown in 3 hours and have all kinds of glorious winter activities to choose from.

Whatever option you chose, be sure round up a group of mates to enjoy the snow with. We reckon you’ll come out the other side refreshed and with a new found appreciation for those ice sheets, we call snow.

Home Dinner
Image Courtesy of Drifter Collective

become a homebody

Because going out is so 2018.

Matter of fact, there’s been a legitimate decline amongst millennials in recent years in regards to going out.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or have a new found obsession with collecting indoor plans - embracing your home and spending time with friends and family on your home turf is a pastime you shouldn't feel ashamed of.

Struggling for ideas?

How about a dinner party, give your home decor a little makeover, do some arts and crafts, binge-watch Netflix, heck try some old fashioned baking! There's literally no excuse to get bored in 2019 with the number of resources we have at our disposal. With a large data plan you could literally surf the web all day… If that’s not a homebody then I don’t know what is.

While it may be tempting to pump your heater at all hours of the day, your wallet will not be thankful when your energy bill drops into your inbox at the end of August - so just be mindful when it comes to your energy usage if you're starting to spend more time at home over the next few months.

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