understanding nbn™ internet speeds

The nbn speeds we offer are common across all home internet technologies, including nbn and LBNCo

3 nbn speeds

how fast are nbn speeds? the choice is yours.

When you make the switch to nbn you will have to decide which nbn plan is the best for you and what internet speeds you need for all your social media, online gaming and Netflix binging. Consider the following factors if you're struggling to pick the best nbn plan for you.

how many people use your internet?

Every device puts extra burden on your internet connection, especially when used at the same time. A faster plan will cope better under the load of a large family or share house.

are you streaming, downloading and uploading?

Sounds like a job for high-speed internet. You should opt for a fast internet plan to support activity like 4K video streaming. Having a faster download speed will help when watching those ultra-high definition pictures.

do you live in a busy neighbourhood?

The nbn can suffer from congestion from time to time. A higher speed means less buffering hell during peak hour, so inner city dwellers may prefer a faster plan.

do you even game, bro?

Video games don’t make people violent. Lag does. If you use your computer for serious gaming, you’ll want the best and fastest nbn plan you can get.

ready to pick your plan?

Once you've settled on a speed, sign up to an amaysim home internet plan in as little as two steps.

meet the nbn speeds

All amaysim nbn broadband plans come with unlimited data, the only decision you need to make: which is the right internet speed for me?

Premium Speed

Typical Evening Speed - 76.9 Mbps

Perfect for large households, online gamers, and people who download or stream ultra HD (4K) videos.

Standard Plus Speed

Typical Evening Speed - 42.2 Mbps

Good for medium sized households with moderate internet needs, such as HD video streaming, basic online gaming and music streaming.

Basic Speed

Typical Evening Speed - 10.3 Mbps

Ideal for small households with simple internet needs, like web-browsing and emailing. If you choose this speed, you'll achieve speeds similar to what your current ADSL internet can reach.

answers at your fingertips

What is the nbn?

Quick answer

There’s a growing need in Australia for a high-speed broadband network to meet our demands for fast and reliable internet access.

The National Broadband Network (nbn for short) is an upgrade to Australia’s existing broadband network designed specifically for the high-speed transfer of internet traffic.

As the national rollout of the nbn speeds up, many parts of Australia’s existing broadband network will be switched off to make way for the new one. To make the most of the superfast speeds of the nbn, you’ll have to switch to a nbn-ready plan before the old internet is switched off in your area.

Will the nbn actually make my internet faster?

Quick answer

In most cases, the nbn will provide faster speeds than existing broadband networks in Australia (#winning!).

If you’re currently using a cable broadband service, the speed of your amaysim nbn plan may be similar to what you’re already getting, but since nbn technology relies less on your home’s proximity to an exchange to deliver fast internet, you should enjoy a speedier and more reliable internet connection

How do I choose an nbn provider?

Quick answer

Choosing an nbn provider for your home means finding a great value plan that suits your household’s usage needs and budget the best.

It’s important to take into account what you frequently use the internet for. For instance, if you like to stream videos in Ultra HD, or constantly have multiple devices connected at the same time, you may need to think about choosing a plan with unlimited data on one of the higher speed options

With amaysim nbn, the only choice you’ll ever need to make is what speed you need – all plans come with unlimited data, no lock-in contracts or activation fees.

Why sign up to amaysim’s nbn service?

Quick answer

Here at amaysim we’ve been keeping Aussies’ lives hassle-free for over six years with our great value, no lock-in contract mobile and data-only plans.

With unlimited data, no lock-in contracts or activation fees, our nbn plans will do the same, giving you ultimate freedom and choice that you can’t get anywhere else. All you’ll ever have to do with amaysim nbn is pick your speed – simple!

How reliable is amaysim’s nbn service?

Quick answer

amaysim’s nbn services are designed to make your broadband experience amazingly simple. With unlimited data and superfast speeds, you’ll get a fast and reliable internet connection when it matters most.

How does amaysim nbn compare to other providers?

Quick answer

Here at amaysim we’ve taken the hassle out of choosing an nbn plan for your home.

Whether you’re looking to stream Netflix on your Ultra HD TV, or live in a household where several different devices are connected to the internet at the same time, our amazingly simple nbn plans come with superfast speeds, unlimited data, and no lock-in contracts or activation fees, giving you the freedom and choice that other providers can’t.

How do I sign up to amaysim nbn?

Quick answer

With unlimited data, superfast speeds and no lock in contracts, we’ve made choosing an internet plan for your home straightforward.

The process to sign up is straightforward and once you’ve checked your address is nbn-ready, simply pick your speed and you’ll be able to sign up online.

If your home can be connected remotely, your amaysim nbn service can usually be activated within two days of signing up. The process can, however, take 2-3 weeks if an nbn technician needs to install equipment in your home and amaysim will let you how you’ll be connected once you’ve let us know your address.