How to Turn Off Voicemail

If you're tired of dealing with voicemail, you're in luck. In this article, we will explore various methods to turn off voicemail on different devices and service providers. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or use a specific carrier, we've got you covered.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to disable voicemail is by using a Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) code. MMI codes allow your phone to communicate with your mobile service provider and change call settings. By dialling the code ##004#, you can disable your conditional call forwarding settings, which in turn disables your voicemail service.

However, not all mobile service providers comply with global MMI code standards. Therefore, this method may not work for everyone. If ##004# doesn't work for you, try alternative methods provided by your specific carrier. For example, amaysim users in Australia can dial 321 and select the voicemail option, followed by the deactivate option.

If you have an Android device, you may be able to disable voicemail through your phone settings. The specific options available may vary depending on your phone model and service provider. To access these settings:

  • Open the Phone app on your Android device.

  • Select the Menu icon and choose Settings.

  • Scroll through the settings and look for the Call-forwarding option.

Note that not all Android smartphones have this setting, and the options may differ slightly. If you can't find the option to disable voicemail in your phone settings, don't worry. There are other methods we'll explore.

For Amaysim customers, disabling voicemail on an iPhone can be done with ease. 

First, open the Phone app on your iPhone. Navigate to the keypad and dial ##002#, then press the call button. This MMI code cancels all call forwarding, including voicemail. A confirmation message should appear, indicating that voicemail has been disabled. If needed, you can re-enable voicemail by dialling *004*321# and pressing the call button.

Additionally, Amaysim users can manage their voicemail settings through the Amaysim app or by logging into their account on the Amaysim website. Within the account settings, navigate to the 'Manage Plan' section where you can find options to turn voicemail on or off. It's advisable to reach out to Amaysim’s customer support for other assistance if needed.

If you find checking voicemail messages to be a dreaded task, consider using a smart voicemail app. These apps provide a visual voicemail experience, making it easier to manage your messages. 

With a visual voicemail app, you can quickly prioritise messages without having to listen to each audio message. You can also receive voicemail messages in third-party apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce. These apps are not limited to mobile phone numbers and can be used with landlines and toll-free numbers as well.

If the previous methods haven't worked for you, it may be necessary to contact your mobile carrier's support team directly. They can help you disable your voicemail service. To reach your carrier's support team, you can call their helpline or visit their website to find alternative methods.

Calling your service provider's helpline will connect you with a representative who can assist you. If you're unsure about your service provider, you can check your phone's homepage or billing information for their contact details. Alternatively, you can register your profile on your service provider's website and change your voicemail settings through your account settings.

Please note that calling traffic may be high, so be prepared to wait on hold for a period of time. If you prefer to avoid the waiting time, using the online account settings option can save you the hassle.

Voicemail may have its uses, but if it's causing more frustration than convenience, it's time to turn it off. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can disable voicemail on your device and enjoy a voicemail-free experience. 

Whether you use MMI codes, adjust your phone settings, or use smart voicemail apps, the choice is yours. Say goodbye to the hassle of voicemail and take control of your communication preferences.