What is Call Barring and How to Activate It?

Call barring is a useful service that allows you to control incoming and outgoing calls on your smartphone. Whether you want to block specific numbers, avoid international calls, or prevent unintentional outgoing calls, call barring provides a solution to these situations. 

In this guide, we will explore the concept of call barring, its benefits, and how to activate it on your device.

Call barring is a service that allows you to block specific phone numbers or types of calls on your smartphone. It provides a convenient way to avoid unwanted calls, prevent accidental dialling, and control your phone bill by blocking premium-rate or international calls. By enabling call barring, you can have better control over your incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring a more personalised and secure calling experience.

Incoming Call Barring

Incoming call barring enables you to block all incoming calls or specific numbers by adding them to the blocked list. This feature is particularly useful if you are receiving nuisance calls or want to avoid interruptions during important meetings or personal time. By activating incoming call barring, you can have peace of mind knowing that unwanted callers will not be able to reach you.

Outgoing Call Barring

Outgoing call barring allows you to avoid unintentional outgoing calls. It gives you the option to block all outgoing calls or specific types of calls, such as premium-rate numbers. This feature helps prevent unexpected charges on your phone bill and ensures that you maintain control over your outgoing calls.

International Call Barring

When travelling abroad, activating international call barring can save you from making costly international calls accidentally. By enabling this feature, you can restrict outgoing international calls, ensuring that you don't incur unnecessary expenses while abroad. It provides an added layer of control and helps you manage your phone usage while travelling.

International Calls Barring Except Home

If you frequently make calls to your home country while travelling internationally, the international calls barring except home feature is beneficial. It allows you to block all international calls except calls to and from your home country. 

This way, you can stay connected with your loved ones without worrying about accidentally making expensive international calls.


Activating call barring on your smartphone is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to enable call barring on your device:

Step 1: Access Phone Settings

To start, open the phone settings on your smartphone. This can usually be done by tapping the settings icon on your home screen or by swiping down from the top of the screen and selecting the settings option.

Step 2: Navigate to Supplementary Services

Once in the settings menu, locate the option for "Supplementary Services" or a similar term. This option may be found under the "Call Settings" or "Phone" section of your settings menu.

Step 3: Enable Call Barring

Within the supplementary services menu, select the option for "Call Barring" or "Blocked Numbers." This will open the call barring settings.

Step 4: Enter Call Barring Code

In the call barring settings, you will be prompted to enter a call barring code. The default code is often set as 0000, but you may need to contact your service provider to obtain the correct code if it is different.

Once you have entered the code, you will have the option to enable call barring for incoming calls, outgoing calls, or international calls, depending on your preferences. Simply toggle the respective options to enable call barring for the desired call types.

Step 5: Deactivating Call Barring

To deactivate call barring, follow the same steps as above and access the call barring settings. Instead of enabling the options, toggle them off to disable call barring for incoming calls, outgoing calls, or international calls. This will restore normal calling functionality to your device.


If the provided steps for activating call barring don't work, please note that smartphone manufacturers may have different settings and interfaces. We recommend contacting your device manufacturer's customer support or checking their official documentation for specific guidance. They can help you address any issues and set up call barring on your device effectively.

Call barring offers several benefits that enhance your calling experience and provide greater control over your phone usage. Some of the key advantages of call barring include:

  • Blocking Unwanted Calls: Call barring allows you to block specific phone numbers, preventing unwanted calls and reducing interruptions.

  • Preventing Accidental Dialling: Outgoing call barring helps prevent accidental dialling, ensuring that you don't make unintended calls that may result in additional charges.

  • Cost Control: By blocking premium-rate or international calls, call barring helps you manage your phone bill and avoid unexpected expenses.

  • Enhanced Privacy: With call barring, you can maintain your privacy by blocking calls from unknown or nuisance callers.

  • Customised Call Management: Call barring provides the flexibility to customise your call management settings according to your needs, giving you greater control over your phone calls.

By understanding the benefits of call barring, you can make informed decisions about when and how to utilise this service.

Call barring is a valuable feature that empowers you to manage your incoming and outgoing calls effectively. By understanding the concept of call barring and how to activate it on your device, you can take control of your phone usage, block unwanted calls and avoid unnecessary expenses.

How do you deactivate call barring?
To deactivate call barring, dial #33* followed by your 4-digit PIN and then #. If you can't remember your PIN, contact your service provider for assistance.

What is the call barring password?
The call barring password is the 4-digit PIN you selected when setting up call barring. If you can't recall your PIN, reach out to your service provider to have it reset.

What does call barring mean?
Call barring is a service that allows you to block incoming or outgoing calls from specific numbers or types of numbers. It helps you avoid unwanted calls and control your phone usage.