How do I pay using my Credit/Debit card?

Add Credit/Debit card details to my account

Adding Credit/Debit card details to your account is straightforward and can be done through the Payment method section of My amaysim. Once there follow these simple steps:

  • Click Change
  • Select the Credit/Debit Card option from the drop down list
  • Enter card details then Save Details to complete the process.

Update my Credit/Debit card details

As above, if you need to updateyour credit/debit card details, head to Payment method in My amaysim, click Change and follow the prompts.

If you need help recharging once your payment details have been updated, our handy recharge guide has you covered.

When will I be charged?

  • For Prepaid customers, the cost of your amaysim plan will be debited from your Credit/Debit card whenever your plan renews, when you purchase a new product or add additional credit.
  • For Postpaid customers, you’ll receive a bill each month with a list of your monthly charges. We'll deduct these charges from your nominated card within ten days.

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