We all need a helping hand every so often that's why we've created the guide below to make reading your bill a little simpler.

Important Note: We no longer offer Postpaid billing for new services. This means if you're a new customer, your chosen SIM plan will be Prepaid and you'll always pay for your chosen plan upfront.

For more details on how Prepaid works, check out the following help article.

As a Postpaid customer, you receive a monthly invoice where you are charged for any activity that has occurred during your monthly bill period (30/31 days). This activity can include:

  • Plan renewals;
  • Additional purchases (such as data plans); or
  • Any potential excess usage that falls outside your included plan features

The date you receive your bill will depend on your sign up date, however your bill will be sent on the same date each month and will cover usage that has occurred within your monthly bill period.

As an example, if your monthly bill covers the period between the 11th (current month) through to the 10th (following month), any activity that has occurred within this period is what you’ll be charged for.

To keep things simple, we’ve broken down the key attributes of your invoice to help you better understand your bill.

The first page of your bill provides an overview of your billing situation and includes your account details and the amount owing on the account.

  • Bill No is the specific bill number of the invoice you are viewing
  • Bill Period is your monthly bill period and the period you are being charged for
  • Bill Issue Date is the date you have been sent the invoice via email - the due date of your payment will always be ten days after your invoice has been issued
  • Total Amount Due is the amount that needs to be paid

The second page of your bill (and potentially further pages if you house multiple services) breaks down the charges that have occurred within your monthly bill period.

Included value is where you can view charges for Plan renewals and Additional purchases (data plans)

Any usage that falls outside your plans included value will be listed under Excluded Value (this will only be displayed if there is excess usage that needs to be charged).

Within both the Included and Excluded Value sections, you’ll be able to view the dates plans were purchased.
It will also breakdown the details of any excess usage and display the amount of SMS, Calls or Data that’s been used and display the cost next to each entry.

As a Postpaid customer, your bill will be sent on the same date each month. By default ten days after your bill has been issued, the required payment will be automatically charged to your selected payment method.

If your bill is under $10.00, we won’t invoice you until your charges are above $10.00 or three months have passed, whichever comes first.