Premium services include Premium SMS, Directory assistance and Video Calls (excluding FaceTime & Skype). The exact costs for these services will vary depending on the service you're planning to use and you can find a full breakdown of the charges through the amaysim price table.

Premium services include Premium SMS, Directory assistance and Video Calls (excluding FaceTime & Skype).

  • For Prepaid customers, you'll need to have additional credit in your account to cover any Premium services.
  • For Postpaid customers, you'll see the charges for premium services that have been used added to your monthly bill.

Premium SMS costs depend on the type of service you have subscribed to and can vary from 50c to $6.60 (now that's premium!) for each SMS sent or received.

Remember, Premium SMS services are not supplied by amaysim, so we have no control over the prices charged for these services. The Premium SMS service supplier is required by law to display all costs in its advertising but be careful when you commit as you could be subscribing to ongoing charges.

We’ll help protect you from unexpectedly high Premium SMS charges by allowing you to set a spend limit on the charges you can incur each month, or by allowing you to simply disable Premium SMS altogether - both of these options can be managed through Settings in My amaysim.

The cost of directory assistance 124YES (124937) is 15c/min with a $1.50 flagfall.

If you have an active data connection on your device, an easier way to check for a number is to do a quick Google search of the place you’re trying to call.

The cost of a standard video call is 49c/min Australia wide and $2.49/min if you’re making an international call.

The charges for video calls can be expensive, so we’d recommend using services such as Facetime (Apple Users), Skype or Facebook Messenger as alternative ways to stay in touch with your friends via video.

These services use data so if you want to be data savvy, use these services when you’re connected to a WiFi network to avoid chipping away at the data from your mobile or data-only plan.