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how subscription energy works

at a glance

pick a subscription plan

pick a plan


There are three plans to choose from with a set amount of kWh you receive each month. You’ll need to fill out some brief details about your home so we can provide a plan recommendation.

same price every month

same price, every month


You’ll pay the same upfront amount for your monthly plan. The key difference in terms of ongoing payments will be if you need to add an energy top-up, and in this scenario, any top-ups added will be charged separately from your monthly payment.

track your energy usage

track your energy usage

We’ll sync your smart meter daily and analyse your usage to project how much we think you’ll use during the month, it’s a simple way to help you stay in control. You will be able to track usage through our app as well as your projected usage for your current renewal cycle.

roll over, top up

rollover unused energy, top-up if you need more

If you use less electricity than your monthly allowance this will rollover and be stored to your account. There could be times throughout the year where you may require more electricity than usual, so if you don't have any saved energy in your account, we’ll automatically add a top-up to your account.

billshock be gone

no confusing discounts

We've done away with these wolves in sheep's clothing

no rocket science rates

Renews for the same price, each month, every month

no lock-in contracts

Freedom to switch up, down, or switch elsewhere, you're in control!