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We’ve introduced subscription energy to help curb the bill-shock many Aussies face with their energy plans, by providing a more predictable billing experience.

Each month, you’ll pay for your plan upfront and be given a set amount of electricity (kWh) to use in your home.

You will never be cut off if you exceed your monthly kWh allowance. Any unused energy rolls over so you can use it later, and if you need additional energy you can top-up at any point.

Finding your perfect plan

There are three plans to choose from and the amount of kWh you receive each month will depend on the plan size chosen for your home.

When you’re ready to choose a plan, you’ll need to fill out some brief details about your home. We’ll then provide you with a plan recommendation, based on the info you provide and benchmark usage data for your address.

Although our initial recommendation provides a great starting point, don’t fret too much, as we make it easy to switch between plans once you’re up and running.

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Same price every renewal

Like other subscriptions you use in your day to day life, you’ll pay the same amount for your monthly plan and will be charged when your monthly plan is due for renewal.

The key difference in terms of ongoing payments, will be if you need to add an energy top-up, and in this scenario, any top-ups added will be charged separately from your monthly payment.

Keeping track of your energy usage

Each day we’ll sync your smart meter and analyse your usage to project how much we think you’ll use during the month, it’s a simple way to help you stay in control.

Not only will you be able track usage through our awesome app, you’ll be able to view projected usage for your current renewal cycle and given recommendations on how to manage your plan for the rest of the month.

These insights are an incredibly powerful way to become a long-term energy saver and ultimately help you make the most of your plan.

Although we don’t anticipate you needing to check your usage daily, we’ll notify you throughout the month if we think you will need to top-up or might benefit from switching plans.

How energy rollover works

Whenever you use less electricity than what’s provided with your monthly plan, unused energy in the form of kWh, will rollover and be stored to your account.

During the periods throughout the year where you require more zap than usual - e.g the peak of summer or winter, if you go over your monthly kWh allowance you’ll automatically dip into your rollover energy balance. If you don't have any saved energy, we’ll automatically add a top-up to your account.

Rollover energy will be saved for up to three years from the time it’s added to your account - giving you plenty of time to ensure nothing ever goes to waste.

Wait, what if I need more energy?

You won’t be cut off if you exceed your monthly energy allowance. Instead:

  • If you run out of energy and have saved rollover energy on your account, you’ll automatically dip into your rollover energy savings to help get you through until your next renewal cycle
  • If you run out of energy and do not have any saved energy, we’ll automatically add a top-up to your account

how top-ups work

If you use up the kWh of your plan and do not have any saved rollover energy, we’ll add an energy top-up to your account.

Top-ups will be charged at the effective per kWh rate as your subscription plan - any unused energy from top-ups that are added can also be rolled over and saved for a rainy (or cold) day.

The size of top-ups available, will depend on the plan you’re using, however they range from $20/50 kWh, $30/80 kWh or $40/110 kWh.

Flexibility Is Key

flexibility is key

Although we don’t anticipate you needing to switch between plans often, you’re free to switch between plans if you find your needs change along the way.

Simply pay the difference if you’re upgrading plans. If you’re downgrading this will take effect from your next renewal date.

With no lock-in contracts, you're also free to leave to another provider if you find our subscription plans are not your cup of tea.