what is solar energy?

Solar energy is generated from light and the heat that radiates from the sun. If your home already has solar panels, or you’ve recently moved to a home that’s solar-ready, you can put the sun to work and even get paid for the energy your home produces.

Here's how solar works:


sunlight is collected by solar panels

Your home’s solar panels will create direct current (DC) electricity from the sunshine.

DC electricity turns into AC electricity

DC electricity is converted into AC electricity

That stands for alternating current electricity. Simply put, it’s the energy source we can use to power our homes.

house has solar energy

your home gets powered up

Solar-generated AC electricity is used throughout your home in the same way as any other power source. Amazing, right?

recycling energy

not using all your energy?

Solar panels can’t store unused power, so what’s left over will be fed back to the power grid. Other households can use that power, and you can get paid for it.

why choose solar?

it’s better for the environment

Solar is an awesome source of renewable energy. Be kind to the earth, and it’ll be kind back – to you and your wallet

save money with solar

Despite the upfront costs of installing solar panels, using solar power over time can be a very cost-effective energy solution for your home.

earn extra cash for unused solar power

Excess power generated from your solar panels can’t always be stored, so it can be fed back to the power grid for other homes to use. If this happens, suppliers (like us) will pay feed-in tariffs to compensate you for the power you provide.

Why amaysim?

Energy can be complicated, but we’re here to make it simple for Aussie households to find amazing value and hassle-free energy plans. Here is what you can count on amaysim for:

competitive energy rates and tariffs

Solar panels already installed? Make the most out of them with our competitive solar rates and market-leading feed-in tariffs.

discounts off usage and supply

Unlike most of our competitors, you’ll get discounts off your energy usage and supply. That means double the savings for you.

our discounts won’t expire

What you see is what you get with amaysim. Simply pay on time and you’ll enjoy solar discounts as high as 28% (depending on where you live)

ready to put the sun to work?

We don’t sell solar panels at amaysim, but we can help you get the most out of them with our market-leading feed-in tariffs.