energy efficiency & saving power

energy efficiency 101

Sick of spending all your hard-earned cash on energy costs?

You shouldn’t have to move off the grid to avoid costly power bills. Rather than going to extreme measures to try and improve your energy efficiency, there are easier ways to save money.

To consume less energy around the home, looking at where and how you use power is a good place to start.

heating and cooling

It can be tempting to make your home feel like a fridge when it’s boiling outside, but cool air comes at a cost.

Get into the habit of switching your air-con to 24°C or warmer. Each degree below this temperature uses 5% more energy, so you can save power by making your home feel slightly less like Antarctica.

keep vents clear

If your home has ducted air-conditioning, ensure vents aren’t clogged with dust or blocked by objects.

close curtains and blinds

Flooding your home with sunlight will make it much harder to cool.

avoid using your dryer & oven during the day

The combination of blazing sunshine and warm air circulating throughout your home will put your air-conditioner into overdrive.


household appliances

Your dryer, fridge and dishwasher may look harmless, but they could be putting a serious dent in your household budget. Checking the energy rating on appliances can help keep your power bills under control. Remember, the higher the star rating, the better.

Appliances with poor energy ratings are often cheaper to buy, but they’re bound to cost you more money in the long-run by churning through electricity at a downright alarming rate.

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Hot water

hot water

You know what’s even better than taking long, hot showers every day? Affordable power bills! Water is a precious resource, and heating H2O ain’t cheap.

We’re not saying you have to go days at a time without washing (ugh), but cutting down the amount of time you spend in the shower by just a few minutes can make a big difference to your power bill.



Keeping the lights on at home doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead of always using downlights, enjoy the soft glow of a reading lamp. Opting for efficient, low-wattage lightbulbs can also shave a few dollars off your energy bill.