say hello to the amaysim skill for Alexa

From locating your lost phone to checking your data balance, you can now manage your amaysim account through any Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

Enable the skill

Get started

1. Enable the skill
Open the Alexa app or go to Tap or select "skills" and search for amaysim. Select "enable". Accept "terms and conditions".

2. Link your account
Enter your amaysim username and password.

3. Talk to Alexa
Start by saying "Alexa, launch amaysim". Now you can ask Alexa about your mobile plan, when you plan renews and ask Alexa to ring your phone.

Check your balance

Check your balance

Find out when your plan renews, how much data you have left and what your total spend is so far.

find my phone

Find your phone

Can’t remember where you last placed your phone? Don’t worry. Simply request for Alexa to “ask amaysim where my phone is?” and she'll take care of the rest

top up your data

Top up your data

If you're running low on data after checking your balance, you can request for Alexa to add extra data (1GB/$10) to your plan.

phrases you can ask Alexa

Here are some questions you can ask Alexa about amaysim. Simply start by saying, “Alexa, launch amaysim’ and you’re ready to go.

“What’s my data balance”

“How much data do I have left”

“How many gigabytes of data do I have remaining”

“I can’t find my mobile”

“Where is my phone”

"I’ve lost my phone”

“I’m going on vacation”

“I’m travelling overseas”

“I’m going to go on holiday”

answers at your fingertips

How do I enable the amaysim skill for Alexa?

Quick answer

To enable the amaysim skill, open the Alexa app, tap Skills in the menu, search for amaysim, tap Enable and follow the prompts:

  1. Accept the terms and conditions
  2. Enter your amaysim account details

Once this is done, you'll receive confirmation that the amaysim skill has been successfully linked.

To begin using the amaysim skill across your Amazon devices (including the Echo and the Echo Show), re-open the Alexa app on your phone, find the amaysim skill, tap Link Account and follow the prompts.

How does Alexa know my amaysim account information?

Quick answer

When you enable the amaysim skill, you’ll be asked to enter your amaysim number or email and password.

This lets Alexa access your amaysim account details, but don’t worry - we don’t share your sign-in information with Amazon (or anyone else).

What if I don't want Alexa to access my account anymore?

Quick answer

If you no longer want Alexa to access your amaysim account, you’ll need to disable the amaysim skill.

To do this, open the Alexa app, go to the amaysim skill, click Disable and your account will be de-linked.

Keep in mind that once you disable the amaysim skill, you won’t be able to ask Alexa about your account anymore.

What questions can I ask Alexa about my amaysim account?

Quick answer
Find out your amaysim mobile balance details

To find out your mobile account balance, simply ask Alexa phrases such as, “What’s my balance?” or “How much data do I have left?"

Alexa will then respond with your balance details.

After checking your balance, if you’re low on data, you can request for Alexa to add extra data (1GB/$10) to your plan.

Ever misplaced your phone? Don’t worry, Alexa has you covered.

If you’re around Alexa and have misplaced your phone, ask Alexa to find your phone using phrases such as “I’ve lost my phone, or “find my mobile”, and she’ll take care of the rest by ringing your device.

Need to use your amaysim service when travelling overseas?

If you’re about to embark on an overseas adventure and want to use your amaysim mobile service aboard - you can request for Alexa to enable International roaming, using phrases such as “enable roaming”, or “switch on roaming for me”

While international roaming can be easy and convenient, it can also be expensive, and we recommend taking a quick look at our roaming rates for a breakdown of the costs prior to using your SIM card overseas.

Please remember to ask Alexa to disable roaming once you return home.

I’ve received an error message when trying to access my account information?

Quick answer

Alexa may have been making some updates, so we recommend asking her again in a few minutes.

In the interim, if you require immediate account information, simply log in to My amaysim or use the amaysim app.

If the issues persist, you'll need to contact Amazon customer service for further troubleshooting advice.

My Echo isn’t working, what should I do?

Quick answer

For any Echo device queries, please contact Amazon customer service.

Can someone else access my information?

Quick answer

Anyone within earshot will be able to hear what Alexa says, and anyone with access to your Amazon Echo will be able to ask questions about your account(s).

But either way, no one will ever have access to your amaysim account and log in details

I'm having trouble logging in to my account

Quick answer

If you're having trouble logging into your amaysim account, you may need to reset your password. This can be done by clicking Forgot your password on the My amaysim login screen, or when you open the amaysim app.

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