Say hello to the amaysim skill for Alexa

18 Jan 2018

From locating your lost phone, to checking your data balance, you can now manage your amaysim account through any Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

In this blog, we’ll detail some of the coolest things Alexa can do, including managing your amaysim service through our new favourite digital assistant.

After releasing in the US in late 2014, Amazon’s latest innovation has finally arrived in Australia, providing Aussies with the perfect tool to serve as the focal point for their smart home.

Utilising Amazon’s range of Echo speakers, Alexa will be personalised for Aussie users, meaning you'll be greeted with an Aussie accent, as well as local info (such as headlines from Sky News Australia and Fox Sports) when you interact with your device.

Alexa has plenty of other nifty features that people should be familiar with. For example, you can ask her to set calendar alerts and alarms, play music via Spotify, or ask for an update on the weather conditions in your area.

Although these features are exciting, the assistant can do a lot of other cool, fun, and smart things, and we’ve listed some of our favorites below – including the ins and outs of the amaysim skill for Alexa.

Introducing the amaysim skill for Alexa


We’re always looking for ways to deliver convenience and a richer experience for our customers, and are excited to introduce the amaysim Skill for Alexa.

Using Alexa, you’ll be able check your mobile account balance, add extra data, find your phone and adjust roaming settings.

1.) Check your balance

Find out when your plan renews, how much data you have left and what your total spend is by asking Alexa questions such as

“What’s my data balance” or “How much data do I have left”

2) Top up your data

If you're running low on data after checking your balance, you can request for Alexa to add extra data (1GB/$10) to your plan.

3) Find your phone

Can’t remember where you last placed your phone? Don’t worry. Simply request for Alexa to “ask amaysim where my phone is?” and she'll take care of the rest

Moving forward, the type of features customers are able to manage using Alexa will evolve, so watch this space for updates.

Create a shopping list

This is a great feature for those who have their Echo speaker set up in the kitchen and allows you to make personalised shopping lists on the fly.

For example, say you’re cooking a Sunday Roast and notice the pepper is on its last legs - simply say “Alexa, add cracked pepper to my shopping list” and she’ll add it for you.

You can then access your shopping list via the Alexa app on your smartphone when you’re next at the shops - easy!

Call an Uber

A nifty feature of Alexa is the ability to call for an Uber using your voice. Simply link your Uber account through the Alexa app and a “Alexa, call me an Uber” will result in an Uber being sent to your house.

You can also ask for updates on your Uber’s location, or request to cancel your Uber, which makes for a great time saver when you’re frantically running around trying to get ready for a dinner date.

Turn Alexa into a personal sous chef

Enter one of Alexa’s coolest features, which reads out recipe instructions as you cook.

Alexa can source millions of recipes via sites such as All RecipeBonappetitThe Food Network and others.

Once you’re ready to cook, Alexa will be able to provide step-by-step instructions, meaning no more greasy prints on your phone or tablet.

Oh and did we mention Alexa can play music and help with weight conversions while this is happening, pretty neat right?

Listen to trending tweets

Admittedly this is more for entertainment value than practicality, but the ability to listen to popular tweets from your Alexa is a pretty cool feature.

Simply say, “Alexa, ask Twitter what is happening” and she’ll read out the latest tweets for your home timeline, or any trending tweets - you can also dive deeper into these trends with phrases such as “tell me more about this tweet”

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