How can I update my personal information?

Quick answer

Updating your personal information is simple and can be done through the Personal details section of My amaysim.

Updating your personal details

To update your personal details, head to the Personal Details section of My amaysim. Once there you’ll be able to update your email address, password and your address.

Updating your payment details

To update the payment details for your account, head to the My Payments section of My amaysim. Once here click Change to follow the prompts and update your payment method.

Can I transfer my amaysim service to someone else?

To transfer your amaysim service into the name of someone else, simply fill out and complete a Change of Ownership form located in the Personal details section of My amaysim.

Need to take your energy connection to a new address?

We’ve taken the hassle out of moving homes and can help ensure you’re not left in the dark when it comes to the move in date at your new address.

Simply contact us with the details of your new address prior to moving out and we’ll take care of the rest

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