In times of financial hardship you deserve easy access to empathetic and skilled staff who can promptly address your individual circumstances and concerns.

amaysim's financial Hardship Policy

If you're experiencing financial hardship we'll work with you or your financial counselor to reach a mutually reasonable financial arrangement that continues to provide you with access to our great services.

In some cases, we may require you to provide additional documentation via our Financial Hardship Application Form in order to complete a valid assessment.

Financial hardship involves an inability by you, our customer, to pay bills, rather than an unwillingness to do so. Hardship can arise from a variety of situations and can be of limited duration or long term.


For full details of the amaysim Financial Hardship Policy, and to see whether it might apply to your circumstances, please see:

amaysim Financial Hardship Policy (PDF)


You can also contact us by phone on 1300 808 300 (567 free from your amaysim mobile), to learn more about our financial hardship policy or to make an application.

Financial hardship requests are handled by our Credit Services Team - hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Financial Hardship Application Form

In order to assess whether our financial hardship policy applies and to make an assessment under that policy, we will need some information about your income, assets and liabilities, as well as the nature and expected duration of your financial hardship. We will, of course, keep this information strictly confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.

We may also ask that you complete our Financial Hardship Application Form. If so we'll send the document to you so that you may complete it and return it to us. We may also request that you send us additional information or documentation.

The form may be returned to us via these options:

By Email


By Mail

Financial Hardship Applications
PO Box R567
Royal Exchange NSW 1225

By Fax

1300 808 999

Access to a Community Financial Counsellor

If you need financial advice we recommend reading through the community based financial counsellors website.

Assessing your request

We will assess your request for Financial Hardship assistance within seven working days after receipt of any documents required by us. In assessing your application we will rely on the information which you provide to us as well as any other relevant information available to us. There is no charge for making an application, or for administration of any agreed financial arrangement.