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The best video editing apps for iPhone and Android

10 Aug 2021
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We all know a great post or update just doesn’t hit the same when the video isn’t perfect. Now that we’ve nailed the best photo editing apps, we decided to look into the best video editing apps for all you mobile-centric videographers out there.


FilmoraGo is a fun and popular video editing app
Image Credit: FilmoraGo

When it comes to free video editors and editing apps, FilmoraGo is a standout option. FilmoraGo is a free, mobile version of the flagship Filmora video editing software on PC and mac. Of course, there are some limitations with a free account like not having access to the full library of stock videos and audio tracks as well as a watermark on your creations. But if you’re using your own footage and sound and you don’t mind a watermark, you’re in for a treat.

As soon as you load up the app you can jump right in and start creating with the video editing tools. Whether you want to put spooky music over footage of a dark forest or add a cartoon sound effect to that clip of your friend for immediate comic effect. Use the editing software to add video filters, typography, and stickers to personalise your audio and video.

The controls are mostly intuitive, and the home menu lays out your options so that starting a new project is easy.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: Free


CapCut is the ideal video editing app for creating TIkTok Content
Image Credit: CapCut

If you’re planning on becoming TikTok famous, CapCut is a fantastic tool to have in your kit. The interface is simple and clean so that nothing is getting in your way of making killer videos. Split your video, play it in reverse, add in some effects, overlay sound or music, and throw on stickers or text to finish it off. CapCut is one of the best free video editing apps for iPhone and Android, and it’s definitely the best for TikTok content.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: Free

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Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush Is A Video Editing App And Video Editor For PC
Image Credit: Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe has made a name for itself in photo editing with PhotoShop, and Premiere Rush is their answer to video editing on the go.

Premiere Rush is easy to use (much easier than the more intense Premiere Pro). In fact, there’s even a quick tutorial when you first open the app. Ideal for aspiring YouTubers and video content creators, Rush lets you trim, drag and drop, insert voiceover, and a whole lot more. Then you can export in the video format that suits you. Professional video editing can be done on your phone. Who knew?

Additionally, Adobe Premiere Rush is free. You’ll find no problems using Rush on mobile but be mindful that you’ll be limited to a maximum of three video exports on desktop. Of course, you can always upgrade to a paid plan if you need it later.

Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.
Price: Free, $14.29 AUD/month for a premium account.


Image Credit: InShot

While Premiere Rush is great for YouTube content and content for similar platforms, inShot is all about social media and bite-sized shareability. The app comes pre-loaded with sizes to fit YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and all the other essential apps.

Basic video editing features like trimming, cutting or deleting, and splitting videos along with filters and effects like warm tones or vintage camera aesthetics help you control the narrative of your video. Additionally, inShot features free access to music and sound effects to soundtrack your videos as well as letting you add in your own music and sound effects when you need them.

inShot is a great video editor for anyone looking to create catchy and engaging content. You can even edit your photos in the app too, so you can avoid a cluttered phone with too many apps with one photo and video editing powerhouse.

On the downside, the free version of the app comes with watermarks and ads, which can be removed with a pro version or premium plan. These can be removed with the $4.39 AUD a month premium account. (Or a one-time, lifetime purchase of $44.99)

Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: Free, $4.39 AUD/month (or a one-time, lifetime purchase of $44.99) for a premium account


Image Credit: iMovie

If you haven’t used a Mac for a while, you might have forgotten about iMovie, but it might be time to get reacquainted. Of course, as an Apple product, anyone looking for video editing apps for Android phones is out of luck. But iMovie is a great video editing app for iPhones.

You’ll be making Hollywood-style films in 4 with trailer templates, eight unique themes, credit rolls, and studio logos. The best feature might be the easy fix for shaky footage so that even the most nervous camera operator can capture smooth footage.

Unlike something like inShot, adding music can be complicated and fiddly as you’ll have to share the music or sound to iMovie from another app. If you’re looking at making fun, quick videos, iMovie might not be right for you. But if you want to make awesome films, it’s definitely worth a go.

Platforms: iOS and macOS
Price: Free


Image Credit: Magisto

If the name makes you think that Magisto is some kind of wizard, you’re not too far off. Magisto is an intuitive app that uses AI to transform and polish your videos and photos. All the minor edits that are normally a necessary annoyance are the job of the AI so you can use your time making the important creative decisions, like which special effects, filter, or text overlay to use.

Of course, a sophisticated AI doesn’t come for free. There is a free trial, but after that you’ll have to choose a paid subscription if you want to continue using Magisto. Premium gives you full access to the app, and Professional comes with advanced editing features and access to stock libraries. It’s well worth giving the free trial a go, just make sure you keep an eye on your subscription.

Platforms:iOS and Android
Price: Free trial, then $13.50 AUD/month for a premium account or $27.01 AUD/month for a professional account. (Both go for half-price when paying yearly.)


Image Credit: KineMaster

When looking at video editor apps, you might worry about screen size. If you’re worried that editing video on a phone screen, much smaller than your computer’s, might be tricky, give KineMaster a go. The video editing app does a great job of making use of the screen space available.

You’ll be able to add effects, text, and sound to your video and you can even draw from the impressive library from the KineMaster asset store. Explore colour grading with the chroma key and experiment with the adjustment editing tools let you alter the brightness, hue, saturation, and so on. The app is sleek and easy to use, plus it’s available as a free video editing app (you just have to deal with watermarks). Complete access to the advanced features and watermark free video clips comes with a paid version of the app.

Platforms:iOS and Android
Price: Free, $6.29 AUD/month for a premium account.