so what is HFC?

Prior to becoming nbn-ready, every address in the country is mapped by the nbn™ to determine the type of network technology used to service your address, with each technology being installed in its own unique way.

There is currently a mixture of seven core technolgy types that are used to install the nbn™ and HFC (short for Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial) is one of these.

When a home is connected using HFC technology, fibre leads to a cabinet (referred to as a node) near your home. Existing ‘pay TV’ coaxial cabling is then used to connect the node to your premise which leads to a wall socket inside your home.

excuse us while we get technical for a second

Get ready because things are about to get a little complicated.

The nbn has Points on Interconnect (POIs) around the country that connect to the wider internet. These tend to be located in the old telephone exchange building in each suburb. From these POIs a fibre optic cable connects to nbn nodes (purpose-built street cabinets) which are closer to your house - a coaxial cable connects the node to your house.

For people who already have ‘pay TV’ or cable network this existing cable will replace the coaxial cable that runs from the fibre node to your house

what equipment is required for HFC connections?

nbn™ utility box

With HFC connections, an nbn™ Utility Box will need to be installed outside your premise - this box will be provided and installed by the nbn when your home is first connects to the nbn.

nbn™ coaxial wall outlet

Just like a power socket, this special wall outlet brings the nbn connection inside from the nbn utility box outside. Providing an outlet for the supplied coaxial cable to connect to the nbn connection box inside.

nbn™ connection box

The nbnconnection box plugs into the coaxial outlet in your wall, using a coaxial cable. This cable and box is supplied by the nbn when your household is ready to get connected. It acts as a modem and is the device that actually connects your house to the nbn.

nbn™ ready modem

In order to connect the devices within your home to the internet you'll need an nbn-ready modem. At amaysim we offer an optional pre-configured modem with each of our nbn™ plans.

It's a NetComm NF18ACV modem which is a high quality nbn-ready modem at a great price! Prefer to BYO modem?Simply make sure your modem is unlocked and nbn-ready.

nbn™ HFC setup

Installation if you don't have a Pay TV service:


Installation if you have existing Pay TV or cable internet:


other things to consider

Wherever you choose to set everything up it’s important to note that you'll need to be able to reach two spare power outlets (one for the nbn™ connection box and one for the wireless router) as well as your coaxial outlet.

If you already have Pay TV/ Foxtel you’ll also need a splitter (supplied by the nbn) to divide the connection from your wall outlet between your nbn connection box and your TV set-up box.

how will it take for my HFC connection to be activated?

The time it takes to activate your service will depend whether an nbn™ technician needs to install equipment in your home or not.

  • If you don't require a technician to come by, your amaysim nbn service will usually be activated within 5-7 business days of signing up.

  • If you require a technician to visit and install equipment, it will take 2-4 weeks to get activated.

    not sure if the nbn is available in your area?

    simply let us know your address and we'll let you know