What happens at the end of a benefit period?

Quick answer

If you’ve signed up to an amaysim energy plan through a specific promotional offer, amaysim will notify you prior to any set promotional benefit expiring.

This allows you to ensure you’re still getting the best deal from us and quickly compare energy plans.

Do I need to do anything at the end of a promotional benefit period?

Generally there is nothing specific you’ll need to do, however we recommend referring to the details that are sent via email regarding your specific benefit expiring.

What information is provided?

To ensure you’re getting the best deal from us, we provide you with handy facts surrounding your energy plan when your benefit is close to expiring.

This allows you to quickly compare energy plans and ensure you’re happy to continue using your existing amaysim energy plan.

The information provided includes meter information and recent usage insights from your energy service.

Don’t forget, you can view the complete rate information for your energy plan through our Basic Plan Information Documents.

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