How do subscription energy plans work?

Quick answer

Our subscription energy plans mean you say goodbye to rocket science rates and confusing discounts and hello to a set price, each month, every month.

Simply pick the plan size that suits your household and pay upfront each month, just like your mobile plan.

Each month, you’ll be given a set amount of kWh to use in your home. Any unused energy will simply roll over and be saved to your account.

During the months you require a bit of extra zap, you’ll automatically dip into your rolled-over energy savings. If you use up all your energy and do not have any saved energy, we’ll simply add an energy top-up to your account.

So how does it work?

Each month, you’ll be given a set amount of kWh to use in your home. Whenever you use less than your monthly plan, unused kWh gets saved to your account.

What if I use too much?

The lights stay on! If you use up all your available energy, we'll automatically apply a top up, charging you the same rate per kWh as your current plan.

Any unused energy from top-ups that are added, simply rolls over month-to-month just like your normal plan, meaning you’ll never waste unused energy.

How do I know which plan to choose?

Our goal is to ensure you have as much assurance of your energy payments and there are a number of factors that help us deliver plan recommendations for both new and existing customers.

During the signup process, we’ll ask a few basic questions relating to your address, so we can gauge if our subscription plans will be suited for your household.

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