Upcoming changes to Queensland energy rates

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From July 1, electricity customers in Queensland using our standing offer will receive a rate reduction for their energy plan.

The amount your rates will change is dependant on your amaysim energy plan and tariff type.

Why are my rates changing?

There are many factors that contribute to a price adjustment. Some of these include changes to network costs, as well as our wholesale electricity prices.

With a recent change to the wholesale costs for Queensland, we’ve been able to pass the change on to our customers and implement a rate reduction.

When will the new decreased rates take effect?

The decreased rates are effective from 1 July 2018. If your billing period crosses over into the start of the month, you’ll be charged the old rate for usage up until 30 June, with the new rates kicking in from 1 July.

Where can I view the new rates?

To view the updated pricing for your specific plan, please refer to the below energy price fact sheets.

Energy PlansNew Rates
Business 1View Rates
Electricity nbnView Rates
Electricity 1View Rates
Electricity 2View Rates
Electricity 3View Rates
Electricity 4View Rates
Solar 1View Rates
Solar 2View Rates
Solar 4View Rates
Solar nbnView Rates
Business StandingView Rates
Electricity StandingView Rates

What happens to my current discount?

Nothing will change with your current discount and you’ll continue to receive the same pay-on-time discount, as long as your bill is paid on time - simple!

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