What are the different kinds of energy meters?

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Energy meters are used to measure your usage and calculate how much to charge for your electricity and gas.

There are three main types of energy meters used within Australian homes and the type of meter installed in your home can have a huge impact on how you’re billed.

Accumulation meters

Accumulation meters, also known as single rate or flat meters, measure how much electricity has been consumed in your home at a very basic level.

These meters require a meter reader to come to your property every three months to check how much electricity has been used. This is done by calculating the difference between your current and previous meter reads.

At amaysim, our energy plans energy use monthly instalments, meaning you’ll pay an agreed instalment for the two months prior to your meter read taking place.

On the third month you’ll be billed for the actual quarterly meter read - less the two instalments already paid.

Interval meters

Interval meters record electricity usage every 30 minutes.

Interval meters are digital, so they’re straightforward to read. If you want to estimate your next bill, then we recommend taking note of the kWh figures displayed on your meter.

Meter readers record interval meter data by attaching an optical probe which extracts the interval data and sends it to your distributor.

The distributor then processes the data to ensure its accuracy before sending it to your retailer (that’s us) for billing.

Smart meters

Smart meters are the latest in energy metering technology.

They record electricity usage in 30 minute intervals and automatically send usage to your retailer (that’s us) via wireless technology. This means you no longer have to wait for someone to come and manually read your meter, or rely on estimated energy bills.

Smart meters’ also include an in-home display where you can view the hours or days where you use more energy - helping you identify ways to be more energy efficient. They also provide feedback on your energy usage as you go, making it easier to identify the source of high energy use.

These unparalleled insights into your usage, ultimately help reduce you reduce your energy bill.

All households in Victoria have smart meters installed, following a mandatory rollout between 2004-2013.

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