Why choose amaysim energy?

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amaysim is bringing a much needed dose of simplicity to the Australian energy market.

With our energy plans, you say goodbye to confusing discounts and lock-in contracts and hello to simple, great value rates.

Why choose amaysim?

Here are a few reasons we reckon you’ll love amaysim energy.

  • No confusing discounts - With amaysim, customers don’t have to worry about trying to work out confusing discount periods. We simply let our great-value rates do the talking
  • No lock in contracts - We don’t need to tie you down, our great rates, discounts and feed-In tariffs will earn our keep as your energy retailer of choice
  • Monthly subscription plans - For customers in VIC, NSW and QLD, our subscription energy plans are taking simple pricing and smart usage to another level - just pick your plan size and pay for your plan upfront each month.
  • We’ll do the hard work - Switching to amaysim has been made easy and can be done online without the need to speak to your current retailer

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How do I make the switch?

It’s easier than you think to change your energy provider and switching to amaysim can be done all online - simply let us know your details and we’ll help you find a plan that’s tailormade for your household.

Does amaysim have green energy options?

Green energy is electricity and natural gas that comes from renewable sources, such as hydro, wind, biomass and solar, instead of traditional fuels such as coal and natural gas.

If you’ve got solar panels installed on your roof and live in NSW, SA, VIC or QLD, amaysim can help you make the most out of your rooftop investment, with our solar plans that include some of the best in market feed-in tariffs.

I’m not eligible for amaysim electricity or gas, how come?

With different energy retailer regulations throughout Australia. The types of products we offer varies from state to state, with availability dependant on your location.

As it stands, amaysim offers electricity and solar plans in parts of NSW, SA, VIC and QLD, while gas plans are available in certain areas of NSW and VIC.

If you've attempted to sign up and were unsure of your household's eligibility, simply contact us for further assistance.

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