What to do with your old 2G phone (instead of throw it out)

21 Mar 2017

From April 1 2017 the plug will be pulled on the Optus 2G network which means it’s time to recite the eulogy for your old 2G or 3G single band phone.

Just because you’ve got a flashy new phone to match your mobile data plan, doesn’t mean your old 2G or 3G single band phone should be heading straight for the bin or that drawer of ‘miscellaneous stuff’ (you know the one).

Your old phone can actually still do a whole lot of good. From charitable donations to reliable alarm clocks, here are our favourite ways to make the most out of your 2G phone.

Recycle it

Just like plastic and paper, mobiles can be recycled too, so think twice before trashing your 2G phone. Here are the top three reasons you should be doing your part:

  1. To prevent contamination - a mobile sitting in landfill can be dangerous. Recycling your old phones can prevent hazardous materials like arsenic and mercury from leaking into our groundwater systems.
  2. To re-use parts – support third world countries and emerging markets by reducing the need to use raw materials while saving natural resources at the same time.
  3. To save valuable materials – with just 10% of phones getting recycled, you can help make a positive economic and environmental impact by recovering resources like gold and silver from your old phone

If recycling your old mobile sounds like a plan for you, check out Mobile Muster – they offer complimentary mailing labels so you can recycle your old mobile free of charge. You can also drop off your phone at one of their collection points.

Donate it to charity

Don’t let your old phone collect dust - donate it to charity instead. Everyone knows doing good does you good. You can take part in finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, funding Doctors Without Borders or even save the chimpanzees. Simply find a cause you’re passionate[MK1][AO2][AO3] about and ship your old 2G phone their way. It’s free, easy and universally helpful.

Not sure where to donate? Check out Phone Cycle. They recycle phones and distribute the money made to the charity of your choice. With over 15 charities to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Use it to play music

If you’re like me and can’t go a day without music, then this tip’s for you. Repurpose your 2G or 3G single band phone into a dedicated portable media player. Whether you’re listening through headphones or the stereo, your old phone makes the perfect device for car sing-alongs, neighborhood runs, or belting it out in the shower.

Remember to clear other apps and files to make the most out of your phone’s storage. That way you can fit Michael Jackson’s entire collection without having to delete your other favourites. Want to download the newest tracks? All you need is Wi-Fi, your preferred media player and voilà – turn up the volume and let the music take over.

An alarm clock you can trust

For most of us, being a “morning person” is easier said than done, and your old phone can be more than a glorified paperweight if you plan on keeping it around.

If you’re finding it a struggle to roll out of bed every morning, use your old 2G phone as an alarm clock to help you rise and shine in the AM – you’ll thank yourself for it when you’re not rushing to get out the front door in the morning.

All sorted on what to do with your phone but still have questions about the 2G switch off? We’ve got answers to all your questions, plus tips on how to stay connected – check them all out in our blog.

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