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weird dating apps

We trialled five of the weirdest dating apps - here’s what we think

14 Feb 2017
Mariah - amaysim blogger


amaysim's content guru

We live in a world where swiping left or right can make the difference between finding your soul mate or becoming a spinster.

Online dating is old news. It's so mainstream now that nobody blinks an eyelid when you say you’re dating someone you met on Tinder. It can be draining and time-sapping to find the right person on these mainstream platforms for love.

So we decided to put on our detective hats and uncover the new players in mobile dating. Here are five of the best dating apps to help you find the one and avoid a home full of cats.

1. Hindur – For the (Seriously) Committed

Does the tedious process of swiping, chatting and dating to find ‘the one’ stress you out? Well, lucky for you Hindur has come to the rescue! Inspired by Hindu principles of arranged marriage, you’re only allowed a singular swipe to find your S.O. That’s right folks, one flick to the right and you’re married.

Despite the name, all backgrounds and cultures are welcome to find their happily ever after on Hindur.

2. Bristlr – For Facial Hair Owners and Lovers

Whether you rock a goatee, a signature ‘stache or have been hanging onto your handlebar for years, you’ll find yourself at home on Bristlr. This app is connecting women who love the scruff with the men who can grow it.

With over 100k registered users, the beard love in this community is on the rise. Its sole purpose is to enhance the dating experience for grizzlies, but that isn't all it does. The platform also facilitates the exchange of beard tips with fellow follicle brothers. We can happily say Bristlr is helping the greater good… Of woolly men, that is.

3. Sizzl – For Bacon Lovers

Breakfast lovers unite! The dating app Sizzl runs on your bacon obsession. Yep, there’s an app for that. Simply sign in, customize your preferences (crispy or chewy… why is that an option?!), upload a photo and start swiping. It might be one of the weirdest dating apps we have come across, but we can’t think of a more perfect opportunity to swine and dine. You like what I did there?

But, if this food group doesn’t suit your tastes, we suggest the leafy alternative, Saladmatch. Turns out you can make “friends”, and gluten-free vegetarians need love too!

4. Tindog – For Man’s Best Friend

Does your perfect date involve big grassy fields filled with slobbering pooches? If you answered yes, grab your canine and download Tindog.

Unlike most apps, Tindog focuses on dog’s compatibility before humans. Before you start, share a snap of your pup with their breed, age and personality along with a few details about yourself. Sadly, you must be a dog owner yourself to use this.

If your fur-baby fancies a new four-legged mate, things on the dating front could be looking up for you. Puppychino for two next weekend anyone?

5. Wingman – For World Travellers

Passport? Check. Luggage? Check. Now all that’s left is someone to share the journey with, and if you want to catch flights and feelings we’d suggest checking out Wingman.

Using the in-flight Wi-Fi, you can create a profile in minutes and strike up a convo with the cutie sitting in 23A. You never know, your next mile-high chat might have your love life taking flight.

Now that you’re equipped with all the apps you’ll ever need to find your true love, you’ll also need a phone to keep up with all those swipes! And don’t forget to check out our mobile plans to find your phone’s perfect match.