amaysim launches 4G

24 Mar 2015

Drum roll please... 4G is here at amaysim!

It's been a long time coming so we're more than a little bit excited to share with you details of our range of new 4G plans which run on the new superfast Optus 4G Plus network.

So, what are the plans?

For a full breakdown of all of our plans, have a look at our 4G plans page.

We realise a one-size-fits-all approach to 4G doesn't work, hence the range of plans we're excited to let you know about today. We've also listened to customers telling us for months that they want more data choices alongside massive chunks of talk and text. With that in mind we'll be emailing customers to let them know about the plans that might suit best based on individual usage.

So what does 4G means for you?

4G simply means you can enjoy browsing, downloading, streaming and all of your other favourite online activities on the superfast Optus 4G Plus Network for those in 4G coverage areas with compatible devices.

Optus, on whose network we run on plans to have 90 per cent of the Aussie population covered by 4G come April 2015 with its Optus 4G Plus Network. This means you could also expect improvements in 4G coverage areas when you're using a 4G compatible device. In tech speak, this network runs on various frequencies including the 700MHz spectrum which gives improved indoor coverage. We are pretty chuffed to offer the double whammy of speeds with better indoor coverage.

A welcome move to kilobyte rounding

Since December 2014 when we announced we'd be moving to 4G, we've had people ask if we'll be moving to kilobyte (KB) rounding. The good news is our new plans will have data charged per KB. Excess data will be charged at 7.2 cents per megabyte (with KB rounding).

Building more data options

We're also working on ways to make adding a Data Pack even easier as these provide more bang for your buck compared to the casual data rate. This includes a tidy 300MB data pack to see you through months where your data use is higher than normal, but you really don't need another gigabyte. This 300MB data pack will be valid for 30 days from purchase for $4.90, so it won't disappear when the plan you're adding it to renews. Stay tuned for a launch date on this one.

This is in addition to our 1GB data pack that you can already add in the middle of your plan if you need a top-up.

Can I stay on my current amaysim 3G plan?

Here's more good news - existing amaysim UNLIMITED customers will have the choice to stay on their current 3G plan exactly as it is (including excess data charged at five cents per megabyte with megabyte rounding) or to move to a new 4G plan.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, AS YOU GO and our data plans will move over to 4G beginning 23 April, with KB rounding and an excess or casual data rate of 15.4 cents per megabyte (everything else about these plans will stay the same as it is now).

They say "good things are worth waiting for" but why the wait?

We always said we'd move to 4G when networks were sufficiently rolled out and we could offer a range of plans that made sense for our customers. We are now in that position.

Since 4G launched in Australia we have closely watched the market, monitored data use of our customers and pulled together a range of plans to give people choice and flexibility.

A lot of telcos tripped over themselves in the rush to bring 4G plans to market whereas we waited. You could say we're the "Steven Bradbury of telcos" - not the fastest in the race from the start, but smart enough to know that first out of the blocks isn't always the winner and that the big guys can trip over themselves when they lose their cool. We live in the data generation and want to make sure our plans suit the way more and more Aussies are using their mobiles and tablets.

Julian Ogrin - amaysim's head chief

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