Mega data plans have landed at amaysim

11 May 2017

We’re offering data-hungry Aussies even more choice when it comes to picking a data plan, with whopping 50GB and 70GB options.

It’s clear that Aussies are using more data than ever before – a recent survey from Telsyte revealed that data usage increased by a massive 60% last year, and more than half the Aussie population aged over 16 now own both a smartphone and a tablet.*

To help the data lovers out, we've launched two supersized data plans:

  • 50GB at $65/28 days
  • 70GB at $80/28 days

These news plans are available today (11 May 2017) - just head to our data-only plans page to check them out.

What can 50GB or 70GB of data even get you?

Think 50GB and 70GB sounds like too much data? And who even needs that much?

The average Australian household actually uses around 105GB of data every month, so these mega data plans really are great for those who spend heaps of time online with a secondary device like an iPad or another tablet.

Breaking down the gigs, with 50GB you can:

  • Browse online for around 340 hours
  • Kill about 400 hours on Facebook, or upload a whopping 25 000 photos to your profile
  • Spend over 270 hours talking to your loved ones on Skype (after all, absence does make the heart grow fonder)
  • And get through about three-quarters of a season from your favourite Netflix show (that’s roughly 10 40-minute episodes)

Waiting for the nbn™ to arrive in your area?

If the nbn hasn’t arrived at your house yet, our super-sized 50GB and 70GB data plans might be just the thing you need if you want generous data downloads, fast speeds and the flexibility of no-lock in contracts.

Simply power up an unlocked wireless broadband modem with one of our data SIMs and you’ll ready to surf, scroll and stream to your heart’s content.

Got more questions?

Can I use these plans instead of my mobile plan?

You can replace your existing amaysim mobile plan with one of our new data plans, but you won’t be able to make calls or send text messages – to do that, you’ll either need to add some extra AS YOU GO credit to your amaysim account or use an app that lets you make calls and send messages using data.

If you’re looking to do lots of talking and texting one of our UNLIMITED mobile plans would be a better option.

Can I tether?

Yes, you can! Just keep in mind that tethering works with all devices except Apple iPads. For info on how to enable your personal hotspot, head to our Help section.

Can I buy one with my mobile plan?

These new data plans can’t be added to boost the data allowance on your existing mobile plan (you’ll need a new SIM card to activate them). But if you’re looking to add extra data to your existing mobile plan don’t stress! We’ll shoot you a text when you’re running low on data and you can purchase a 1GB for $10 to keep you going.

You can always find the answers to your questions 24/7 in our Help section, or drop your questions in the comments section below and I’ll sort you out with an answer.

* Telsyte Australian Digital Consumer Study 2017

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