How to extend the ring time on your phone

22 Jul 2021

Ever heard the buzzing vibration of your phone ringing and had to run all over the place trying to find it, only for the call to drop as soon as you find your phone?

Or maybe have your headphones on and you’re just jamming out to your ringtone too long that you forget to actually answer the call. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to extend the ring time of your phone.

For a lot of these how-to articles, we break down the steps for iPhones and Androids, since the operating systems can make the steps a bit different. However, when it comes to how to extend the ring time on iPhones and how to extend ring time on Samsungs and Androids, the steps are essentially the same.

How to extend ring time on all phones?

  1. Open the phone call app
  2. Dial: **61*321**30
  3. Hit ‘call’

And you’re done. The call time has automatically been extended by the maximum 30 seconds. If you only want to extend the call time by a little bit, that’s possible too. You can extend the call time by 05, 20, 15, 20, or 25 seconds instead of 30 by replacing the “30” with one of those numbers.

How to extend ring time on iPhones?

Dial **61*321**30 and hit call/send. It’s that easy to increase the ring time on an iPhone.

Just in case you’re skipping to where it says the type of phone you have, we decided to make sure you know how to extend the ring time on iPhones by 30 seconds.

How to extend the ring time on Samsung or other Android devices

Dial **61*321**30 and hit call/send.

Now you have an extra 30 seconds before you have to answer the call, thanks to knowing how to extend the ring time on android phones.

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Can I extend the call time on any phone using this method?

Nope. Each network provider has its own system for managing things like extending ring time. However, this method works for any amaysim customer, no matter what type of phone you have.

What to do now that you can extend the ring time?

Now that your phone will ring for an extra 5-30 seconds, you can spend that time busting out some new moves to the song you set as your ringtone.

Or you can actually find it under all the cushions and blankets on your bed before the time runs out.

Or maybe you can finish the last 30 seconds of that new show you’ve been loving.

Just remember to actually answer the phone!

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