Is it time to uninstall or consider deleting Instagram?

07 Jun 2021

We love scrolling through Instagram as much as the next person… but you can have too much of a good thing, and sometimes the negatives of social media outweigh the positives.

Many of us are guilty of using our precious time to check Instagram multiple times a day, swiping through hundreds of stories that we don’t even appreciate half the time.

It’s not a case of “is social media good or bad”? There’s absolutely no need to feel ashamed about using Instagram, but is there a legitimate reason that we feel compelled to check in on what others are doing constantly?

Gratification? Reassurance? All of those aspects are valid and can help explain why Instagram is so addictive - but what happens when the addiction becomes real? Are we using Instagram too much? Is it time to uninstall Instagram? Or even, should you consider deleting your Instagram account?

However you feel about deleting Instagram (maybe that sounds like a dream, maybe a nightmare) Instagram addiction is not something to be taken lightly. There are plenty of studies about the negative effects of social media. The latest Australia Talks study even shows that most of us know that social media is bad for our mental health.

If you’re looking for the inspiration to help you take a break from Facebook and Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the tops to help curb your daily IG habits.

Too Much Instagram

signs you should use less social media

Don’t take it personally if these apply to yourself, many of us are guilty of a few if not all of these - but it’s good to acknowledge them so you can figure out a course of action and decide how to stop using the social platform.

  • The first thing you do after waking up is check Instagram
  • It takes more than 5 minutes to edit any photos you want to upload
  • When you wake up in the middle of the night, a cheeky scroll is usually on the cards
  • You take things extremely personal when someone doesn't follow you back
  • You delete photos that flop

uninstall the Instagram app

Look this is not an anti-Instagram piece by any means. We know that there are plenty of benefits of social media—there are countless opportunities and inspiration that Instagram provides. But if you find yourself aimlessly opening the app throughout the day, why not try deleting it from your phone for a week? See how you go.

If you notice feeling better (as many people who don’t use social media do), then go ahead and quit Instagram by permanently deleting your Instagram account. Easy as that. But if you feel like you’re missing out on important information, re-install the app and fire it back up. That’s one of the good things about social media—you can always log back in.

Instagram Your Activity

daily limits

It’s no secret that screen time is a major focus for developers. Instagram even has a feature Your Activity, where you can monitor your Instagram usage. You can even limit the notifications you receive

Either in the Instagram app itself or in your phone’s screen time app, set yourself daily limits to reduce how much you use the social platform. By limiting the amount of screen time, you can still use Instagram and enjoy all the positives of social media without getting carried away.

give your phone a well-earned RDO

Next time you go out, leave your phone in your pocket or bag. If you’re worried about missing something important, you can set it to loud (yes, settings other than silent and vibrate do still exist) so that you can hear any alerts.

For real, enjoy a meal with loved ones, or head to the pub with a mate without reaching for your phone. We guarantee you’ll find yourself living in the moment more and subsequently reduce your insta scrolling time.

And remember, nobody said giving up social media was easy. Take things at your own pace. No need to go deleting your account before you’re ready. You can always try temporarily disabling or deactivating your Instagram account while you’re out with friends. That way, it becomes a hassle to use Instagram when you’d really rather be enjoying the moment. And then, you can always sign back in later to post whatever pictures you want to when you’re not with friends or family.

avoid 24/7 documentation

It can be nice to look back and see what we were up to a year ago, two years ago, or ten years ago. But we don’t need to document everything we do by posting it on Instagram. (And trust us, your friends and followers probably don’t care about every single detail either.)

If you really want to remember something, live in the moment. If you need proof, an entire study from Science Direct was conducted to prove that people who don't take photos during experiences such as concerts had significantly more detailed memories than those who were snap-happy during these type of events. Memory failings are one of the biggest negatives of social media.

The best thing you can do to have those fond memories is to enjoy each moment as it happens, and then maybe journal about it later.

so… should you delete Instagram?

By now, you might be wondering why do people use Instagram, if there are so many disadvantages of the social media platform. But there’s no reason Instagram has to be a negative experience. If you’re in control of your Instagram experience and how much you use the Instagram app, that’s great!

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