Mobile screen time is on the rise: Here are five ways to cut back

14 Oct 2019

Smartphone addiction is a hot topic in 2019. I know it, you know it and the numbers prove this notion is not based on wofty assumptions.

In fact, data from Deloitte’s recent mobile consumer survey showcased a massive thirty-nine per cent of Australian smartphone users think they use their phones too much. Of those respondents, 26% are usually successful in limiting their use, while 34% are trying but not succeeding.

The good news is that technology companies are acting on our increasing smartphone obsession, with both Apple and Google recently introducing advanced parental controls for their devices, as well as new features to manage screen time.

Apple’s feature, called Screen Time, was introduced in iOS 12 and allows you to monitor how much time you spend using your device and what you’re doing with it.

Google has a similar feature for Android devices called Digital Wellbeing that not only maps how long you do things for but includes an additional feature that turns your screen grey to remind you to put your damn phone down.

The obvious issue with these controls, is that since you control the limits, can we really call them limits, or are they merely soft-boundaries from your past self?

If you’re looking for inspo outside of the screen time controls provided with your phone, we've rounded up five simple ways to help reduce your mobile screen time.

Screen Time iPhone
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stop pooing with your phone

Guess what…you can enjoy pooping without scrolling through Instagram.

We’re not going to tell you what to do instead, but like the millions of humans before us who have managed to go number two without a smartphone in their hands; why not use the time to you know, think about life instead of replying to the random meme your mate just tagged you in.

More importantly, we’re quietly confident there will be much less bacteria on your phone if you stop bringing it with you on any bathroom excursions.

remove stale social media apps

Look this is not an anti social-media piece by any means and there are countless amazing things that social-media apps allow us to do. But if you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, why not try deleting it from your phone for a week and seeing how you fare.

If you find yourself longing for content, or are missing out the information you need to survive in your day-to-day life, then fine fire that shiz back up. But if not, then continue slowly removing any social-media apps that are no longer helping you prosper.

give your phone a well-earned RDO

Next time you go out for dinner, or a beer; why not leave your phone behind?

Like seriously, try enjoying a meal with your loved ones, or head to the pub with a mate and leavy your beloved phone behind. We guarantee you’ll find yourself living in the moment more.

stop googling everything

Seriously, you’re mid-way through dinner and all of a sudden a heated discussion about who won the NRL in 1986 pops up. Instead of rushing to your phone to prove your point, continue having a yarn and verify the information later.

Trust us, life will definitely go on!

Mobile Screen Time

avoid 24/7 documentation

It's been a contentious issue over the past few years and rightly so.

Just like over-googling can prevent your brain from retaining information, recording videos and taking photos legitimately prevents your brain from forming actual memories.

If you need proof, an entire study from Science Direct was conducted to prove that people who don't take photos during experiences such as concerts had significantly more detailed memories than those who were snap-happy during these type of events.

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