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Activating an amaysim SIM card on a mobile

The complete guide to activating your amaysim SIM card

08 Feb 2015
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amaysim's content guy

When you join amaysim, one of the first things you’ll need to do is activate your SIM card.

If you’ve never activated a SIM card before, it can seem daunting, so I’ve put together a simple guide to help out. I thought I’d also share a few extra tips while I’m at it.

1. Did you buy your SIM card online or from a store?

The steps for activating your new SIM are slightly different depending on whether you ordered it online, or you picked up a SIM from a store like Coles, Woolworths or 7-Eleven. Follow the steps below to get your amaysim SIM card booted up and ready for action.

2. What do I need to activate my SIM card if I bought it in a store?

You’ll need a few things handy before you start the activation process – firstly you need to know which amaysim mobile plan, long expiry plan or data only plan you'd like to sign up to as well as:

  • Your personal details – full name, residential address and the email you’d like connected to your amaysim service;
  • Your credit or debit card details, or your bank account details for direct debit – online payment is an easy way to pay for your amaysim service (unless you’d prefer to run down to the shops, buy a voucher and redeem it every 30 days… yeah, I thought not).

You’ll also need your new amaysim SIM pack and an unlocked mobile device (if you purchased it from another telco, it’s worth checking this before you start the activation process).

3. Are you bringing your existing number over to amaysim?

It’s easy to bring your existing number over to amaysim as long as you bring the following:

  • If your number is connected to a Prepaid service, we’ll need your Date of Birth;
  • If you currently have a Postpaid service, we’ll need your account number (this can usually be found on the invoice or bill you’ve received from your current provider).

Take a look at out our number transfer checklist – it covers the estimated time that the transfer will take as well some advice on the best time to start the transfer.

4. Activating your SIM if you purchased it in a store

Head to our Activate my SIM page and select the option to Activate Mobile Plan or Data Plan. You’ll then be taken to a page where you’ll need to select the amaysim mobile or data plan you want to sign up to.

Next, grab your amaysim SIM pack. At the back of your SIM pack (underneath the barcode) and on your SIM card you’ll see a 13 digit number - that’s what we call a SIM number. You’ll need to enter the SIM number when prompted so we know what SIM card needs to be activated.

The next few steps are all pretty straightforward – you’ll need to provide us with all the details I mentioned above, including your preferred payment type and you mobile number (whether that’s one you already have or a new one).

5. How to activate your SIM card if you ordered it online

Those who ordered their SIM card with either standard, next day or three hour delivery will need to log in to My amaysim to complete the activations process. The steps are slightly different depending on the delivery option.

If you chose standard delivery your SIM will be activated when you receive it. You’ll only have to complete your number transfer in My amaysim before popping you SIM card in your mobile device. Log in to My amaysim and you’ll see a button that prompts you to Start Number Transfer.

Went with three hour or next day delivery instead? You’ll need to activate your SIM at My amaysim and also transfer your number if you’ve chosen to bring it over to amaysim. Your mobile plan you’ve chosen won’t kick in until after your number transfer and SIM activation have finished.

Some helpful tips for activating your SIM card

If you run into any speed bumps along the way, here are some tips that could help you out:

  • Try swapping internet browsers if any errors come up on the screen – that goes for both mobiles and on desktops;
  • If you’re running into troubles on your mobile, try the activations process on a computer;
  • Complete your number transfer after you activate your SIM card.

Still got questions about activating your SIM card? Check out the Getting Started section of our online Help and Support where we’ll cover the activation process.