Picture of Zaher Mukhalalati in a truck cabin

Big Love Legend: Zaher Mukhalalati from Safee

Say hello to Big Love Legend Zaher Mukhalalati, long-time amaysim customer and co-founder of Safee - an app that helps improve road safety for truck drivers (and everyone). 

Like all our Big Love Legends, we want to shine some light on the inspiring work he's doing in the community. Earlier this year we joined Zaher on the road to hear his story and see the app in action.


What is Safee?

Safee is a fatigue management platform for heavy truck drivers. It enables them to record their work and rest periods in line with regulated fatigue management rules, plan, share and coordinate their work by making this data available to business partners they work with.

Where did the inspiration behind Safee come from? What made you want to build this app?

I lost my uncle who was a truckie when I was a kid. I grew up and worked as a logistics professional and have seen first hand how truck drivers work is getting harder over the years. So I decided to start with the most annoying problem, log books; their calculations, fines, contraventions, administration, storage of papers etc, all that get in the way of driver productivity and peace of mind needed to drive the big equipment safely. Using Safee app, drivers only need to switch to work or rest, and Safee does the rest! 

Zaher inspecting a truck

How does Safee help with truck/road safety?

Record keeping and compliance is a task far in nature from driving a truck, but at the same time occupies a big part of truck drivers' thinking because it has implications on productivity, scheduling of loads, possibility to serve a customer, and high probability of getting fined for simple mistakes. Safee app takes all that burden away by limiting truck drivers' role in the process of clocking work and rest only. Thus, freeing drivers minds and hands from a very consuming process, and making them more available to do the real job they enjoy.

What has been your greatest challenge so far in developing Safee?

Being able to catch drivers to get their feedback while we were developing and testing user scenarios two years ago. I ended up rocking up to drivers in servos and trying my luck. I was able to get a lot of feedback that made Safee what it is today and have more visibility on challenges drivers have to put up with every day.

A shot of a mobile with the safee app on it

What does the future hold for Safee?

Logistics is not an easy industry. Being in it means that we have to thicken our skins everyday to respond to challenges and dynamics. We're working towards positioning owner-drivers in Australia in a prime spot amongst their peers in the logistics chain, so that they have the leverage to be treated as partners in business, not a party to push risks upon and wish for the best outcome.

What does ‘Big Love’ mean to you?

Helping people to have more sense and simplicity in their lives and keeping on building relationships that last and flourish as we're going. 

Zaher smiling in cabin with a checklist

What is the best way for people to find out more about Safee?

For questions: call 0478 900 144 any time.

To experience Safee app: Download and use the app immediately from App Store or Google Play.

To have an idea on how it works: Follow our facebook page, visit our website, or call us at 0478 900 144