Emily Attard standing with basketball

Big Love Legend: Emily Attard, Specialist Hoops

We're proud to celebrate the achievements of women in business, so we're throwing the spotlight on Emily Attard, long-time amaysim customer and founder of Specialist Hoops - an amazing organisation promoting inclusion in sport. 

Check out her incredible story and see the Big Love she's bringing to the community. To discover more about Specialist Hoops, head on over to their website www.specialisthoops.org.au


What is Specialist Hoops?

Specialist Hoops is a non-profit organisation that provides children and adults living with disabilties the opportunity play sport in a safe, controlled environment without the fear of being judged! 

What was the inspiration behind starting Specialist Hoops?

Seeing a young boy struggling to participate in a game of basketball pushed me to research and develop a program to make basketball everyone's game. The idea of no one gets left behind is the biggest inspiration. 

Emily Attard teaching basketball

What has been your greatest challenge so far in developing Specialist Hoops?

Our greatest challenge has been educating the sporting world that people living with disabilities deserve the same opportunities as everyone else in the world. We are all the same, we all look different and we all learn differently! 

What does the future hold for Specialist Hoops?

Specialist Hoops has some big projects in the works we are working on, but ultimately providing more opportunities for people to get into game play and excel and thrive in a community envronment!

Emily Attard teaching basketball

What does ‘Big Love’ mean to you?

Big love is all about inclusion and no one getting left behind. It's about sharing experiences and bridging the gap of inclusion!

What’s the best way for people to find out more about Specialist Hoops?

You can find out about us on our website www.specialisthoops.org.au or follow our social media Specialist Hoop Basketball on both Facebook and Instagram, you can also email us at info@specialisthoops.org.au