Phone Hacks for Festival Season

31 Jan 2017

As any festival regular will know, the key to a successful festival day is a little preparation.

Phones can be a festival-goers best friend, if you know how to put it to the best use that is. So before you run off to rock out to your favourite band, take ten to check out these eight seriously smart phone tips and mobile tricks that’ll enhance your festival experience and ensure you’re prepared for (almost) anything that comes your way.

1. Change your wallpaper

No reception? No problem! For those of you who want to be organised or prepared for low battery situations this one is for you. Before you arrive, screenshot either the set list or festival map and set it as your screensaver. This avoids chewing up extra data each time you want to refer back to it.

Alternatively, you could also set your screensaver with your contact details in case it gets misplaced somewhere along the way.

2. Be the boss of the battery

Arguably one of the biggest issues you can face when you’re away from a power outlet for a day or two is conserving phone battery. First world problems, I know, but without this vital source, finding your friends, transferring emergency cash or taking photos gets a whole lot harder.

The easiest way to save battery is to switch off your cellular data and Wi-Fi, reduce screen brightness and close down all apps. Insta and Snapchat are two of the worst culprits!

3. Why conserve when you can charge?

If curbing your social media addiction for even a few hours sounds like your idea of hell, a portable phone charger may be the better option for you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to grab a decent one.

4. Protect the goods

Picture this, you’re front row for your fave band and have successfully taken the greatest Instagram-able photo the world has ever seen, when suddenly you and your phone are hit by water spray intended to keep the audience cool. You however are not keeping your cool when your phone (not a big water fan) decides to shut down and refuse to turn back on. Worst nightmare?

Well, if you don’t have the luxury of a water-resistant phone already, one of the ultimate phone trick’s to chuck your phone in a re-sealable plastic sandwich bag to prevent it getting wet.

5. Keep everything close

If you don’t want to lug around your wallet, throw on a phone case to not only protect your phone but also slide in some notes and your most important card or two. Alternatively, one of those small wallet phone cases might be a worthwhile get for the day.

6. Find your friends with ease

Keep track of your pals while you’re onsite with Find My Friends (available for iOS and Android devices). This is one of the best festival apps on the market that’s sure to answer the age old question that is ‘how to find friends at festivals?’

7. Take better photos

Capture the special moments, think surprise performances from other artists or epic lightshows, by taking a burst of photos at super speed.

Select the ‘Burst’ button the next time something exciting happens so you capture the action with loads of photos to choose from- just make sure you have enough space on your phone to store them!

8. Light up the night

When the night is drawing to a close and you’re asked to lift your lighter in the air like you just don’t care, spare a thought for your fellow audience members. Avoid injuring yourself or others around you by using the torch functionality on your phone or downloading a virtual lighter app such as Zippo® Lighter.

These phone tricks will make sure you spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the sweet sound of live music. If you’ll be burning through a lot of data this festival season, you might want to think about getting one of our data plans for one of your other devices too!